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Stop the ALP using Pokies to fundraise

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by A boy named Sue, Oct 26, 2012.

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  2. More info rather than posting a link
  3. At least the pokies are in venues clearly identifiable as Labour clubs.

    Certainly no worse than some of the political donations both parties receive each year, and in the interests of keeping party neutral I'll simply link to both so people can make their own mind up as to which is the more evil.



    Of course also worth checking out the individual states as well, as these all feed into the one national pot (and there's often far more conflicts of interest at the state level). Details of those can all be found here:

    Enjoy :)
  4. The above link is to "community run . org" which hosts a pre-written letter to the Federal ALP as follows
    If you fill in your name, email etc the web site will send a "letter" to the ALP -- basically a petition.

    Some background info is mentioned on that site and is as follows;

    thanks for listening
  5. Yeah, but compulsive gambling is a mental illness so exploiting sufferers has a different moral standing to, say, running a BBQ or selling signed jerseys, jackets etc. If they brought in $1 bets they could take some high moral ground -- being able to loose $10,000 an hour is a bit rich.

    To be honest I'm also a bit iify on the salvos collecting money from tipsy people in pubs -- if you consider it "drinker insurance" I guess it makes some sense :-s ...but that is a bit OT8-[
  6. Just don't waste your money on the electronic robbers in any club
    Result !
  7. We are all grown ups, if we want to gamble we will, if we don't want to we won't
    No one is forcing us to go into pokie venues.
    Really wgaff
  8. My brother had a problem with gambling (among other addictions). Completely bizarre that he could be trusted more with a Steyr than with $300 in his pocket. If people are taking cash to a track to gamble or playing poker with people I think that is cool (as in "ok"). But these machines are designed to take your money and simply shouldn't be allowed -- $10,000 and hour is ridiculous. I'm all for adults making adult decisions but things like opium do less harm than freaking pokies, so if we live in a society that won't let me buy opium then why is the ALP allowed to fleece people so brazenly?
  9. Is this about the ALP or about pokies?
    Your brother made his choices he has to live with them.
    I'm a big believer of freedom of choice and that no one should have the right to ask us to lose that choice just for the sake of a few who can't control themselves no matter what it is they do.
    What you are advocating is no different to what the authorities want to do against motorcycling, against speed limits etc etc.
    what you should be advocating is using some of the proceeds for gambling addiction.
  10. Its about pokies, but the alp should be an easy target because they kinda have to care about public opinion, whilst purely commercial enterprises can take a different line. Once the ALP are off the teat (of pokie funds) they might grow a pair and do the very thing they promised when they formed government (the wilkie deal) and which aligns with their general platform of "we can allocate capital and make decisions about everybodies lives better than they can".

    Anyway, just like the "state" protects me against people stronger than me nicking my stuff so the state should also protect idiots from somebody smarter than them nicking their stuff. My brother got a wife who sorted him out but not everybody is as incredibly good looking as my family so they might not be so lucky ;)
  11. So it is about the ALP
  12. Yes but the Liberal Party accepts substantial donations from tobacco companies - so is also profiting from addiction.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of gambling. However as long as it's legal, and the Labour Party clubs are clearly identifiable as Labour Party clubs (which they appear to be) - then I don't see the problem. Remove those particular clubs and problem gamblers are just going to move on to the sporting club down the road or the TAB.

    The rapid increase of late in online gaming sites accessible from a smartphone (and their incessant advertising which seriously pushes the broadcasting guidelines) should be of far greater concern as far as problem gambling goes.
  13. yeah -- hence the title
  14. 10K an hour?
    I won and lost more than that in 1 hand playing poker back in the day..
  15. I thought the issue wasn't problem gambling per se, but the conflict of interest represented by a party incumbent in government presiding over legislation in relation to an industry in which it has a direct pecuniary interest.
  16. This is why I posted the link to all the companies/industries that are regulated by the Government - yet also financially support both major political parties.

    The conflict of interest goes much, much further than just a few pokies.
  17. Make up your mind
  18. No it is more the OP is not an ALP supporter so is creating a mountain out of a molehill so that he deflects away how the liberals are just as conniving and devious.
    What the op should be bleating about is that no political party should be getting funding from any industry.
  19. I don't like pokies and I don't like the ALP. I actually supported the push by Wilkie to do something about the pokies (not that my support really makes any difference) and was preparing to be disappointed if Liberals opposed any legislation on pokies -- but that never happened. From a simple politics point of view if a stink is raised about the ALP funded pokies then they might stop it (or try a $1 bet limit), and then be free to do something about the rest of them. It is not an issue that will hurt the ALP but it might be an issue which will get them to change their position on pokies.

    Internet gambling might make the pokies go away without the government doing anything (not sure that would be an improvement though).
  20. ---double post---
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