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VIC Stop speeding FFS

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by blackadder, Aug 23, 2013.

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    Death is a high price to pay for speeding, but it’s the hidden cost of road trauma we seem to forget. Every year around 280 people die on Victorian roads - these figures and collisions are widely reported on and spoken about.

    Each time we notify the public of a fatality on our roads it generates debate and engenders sympathy for loved ones that have been lost and the families they have left behind. What we seem to ignore and not speak about is those that have been seriously injured as a result of road trauma.

    Every week there are around 100 people who are seriously injured as a result of a motor vehicle collision. These injuries include serious brain trauma, quadriplegia and paraplegia. Whilst we have managed to significantly reduce the road toll over the past 40 years, we have not been able to reduce serious injury collisions to the same extent.

    Around 5500 people are seriously injured each year, with approximately 600 requiring long-term rehabilitation.

    The emotional and physical impact this has on families, friends and the injured is immeasurable. The ripple affect one serious injury collision or fatality has on a community cannot be truly understood, it’s something known only to those who have been through it.

    On 23 August Victoria Police will launch the 2013-2018 Road Safety Strategy ‘Road to Zero’. The State Government and Victoria Police, along with their road safety partners, have made a commitment to reduce the fatal and the serious injury road tolls to below 30 per cent by 2022. This would mean fewer than 200 deaths on our roads and 3830 serious injury collisions.

    To achieve our targets we know that we need the help of all road users. This includes our police officers, mums and dads, young drivers, old drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and anyone else travelling on the roads. We know it can be done, over the last decade we have seen a significant shift in the community attitude when it comes to drink driving.

    People take the car keys from friends if they are considering driving, young drivers hand their keys to their parents when they know they are going to have a few drinks and they do this because drink driving is just not acceptable. Unfortunately we have not seen the same change in community attitude when it comes to driver behaviour and in particular speeding.

    How many of us get in a car with a friend and ask them to slow down or keep to the speed limit? How many of us remind the driver to take a bit more care due to the weather or road conditions?

    We need everyone to step up and say “enough” when it comes to any form of speeding. Speed is a major factor in thirty per cent of all road trauma recorded in Victoria. Road users need to think about what is important in their lives and the impact an injury or death would have on them.

    We are asking the community to do their bit. If all drivers dropped between 1-5km/h off their average speed we could see up to 85 lives across the state saved and up to 1300 serious injuries avoided. Drivers need to vary their speeds according to the weather conditions, road surface, driving experience and the type of vehicle being driven.

    Speed limits are set as the maximum legal speed a driver is permitted to travel at, however this may not always be the right speed. The right speed is the safest speed driving within the limits and conditions.

    Enough is enough. Speeding is not okay and won’t be tolerated. Police will be out there enforcing the speed limits. It is time to change the culture and start saving lives on our roads.

    Our target is less than 200 deaths and 3850 serious injuries on our roads by 2022. Our vision is zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads. I want all Victorians to join Victoria Police along the ‘Road to Zero’.

    A copy of the Victoria Police Road Safety Strategy and Action plan can be found at www.police.vic.gov.au.

    By Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill
    Road Policing Command.

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  2. oh for fukks sake
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  3. I didn't see anything mentioned about 'riding' - good they're making the cagers slow down.
  4. Enough is enough! I swear, the next time I see a speeding motorcyclist I'm going to get really mad...................
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  5. Oh dear...
  6. I'm happy to do 5km/h- that's the safest speed I can do. Doing 0km/h is just stupid. I want to get where I'm going you know.

    Let's do it people. Don't wipe off 5! Drive at 5! We want to save lives.
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  7. Seriously? How come? Looks like numbers out of the blue to me.
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    Well, perhaps we should instill a system where we avoid crashing & focus on educating drivers to avoid crashing, rather than an unrealistic "Vision Zero" aim, which is clearly not working & actually going against the rhetoric posted above? Hmm? Maybe?

    The logic is seriously fecking lacking around road safety.
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  9. [​IMG]

    BTW - love your work @blackadder - this thread has potential and may well be used to entertain me for the rest of Friday stuck at work.
  10. Retarded state of Victoria
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  11. im loving the new radio adds too, "wipe off 5 because every 5kph over 60 kph you go your risk of crashing doubles!"

    so the new speed limit on the free ways is 60? I don't want to crash and if I do 100kph then my risk of crashing is 11 billion times greater than if I was doing 60kph

    meh, some people need to get a life and a new job methinks!
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  12. Jebus. You Victorians are fcuked.
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  13. Doesn't this suggest that their Draconian, thieving, revenue raising is doing 2/5th of sweet fk all and that people are having the same amount of serious crashes, yet surviving due to airbags, crumple zones, seatbelt pre-tensioners...

    Perhaps when the cops themselves stop getting off all their speeding fines and follow the same rules as the rest of us, their rhetoric may actually become semi believable.
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  14. The thing I found humorous is the US have almost twice the road fatalities we do yet have have over 15x the population density per square km that we do. If anything they are far better than us as well and they give sweet FA about speeding.
  15. You should follow the guide at the bottom left. Two particularly interesting are:

    Wondering what makes Sweden so "safe"?
  16. So much emphasis on speeding, yet nothing about a simple head check or ability to indicate. Such a simple task.

  17. They actually teach kids how to drive properly over there and embrace many things we label as hooning. The difference is our government won't spend money to save lives they would rather profit from it and pretend to do something.