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Stop Smoke & Engine Stop Leak products

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Julles, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I saw this in a store at one point and forgot about them until today. Was wondering if anyone used this and can report back on results, any results.

    Stop Smoke: Stop Smoke - Nulon Products Australia
    Engine Stop Leak: Engine Stop Leak - Nulon Products Australia

    There are other products there and look "good".

    They look all right on paper, not so sure on the actual use of those. I must say, I'm not attracted at all to pour some of that in the engine.
  2. Magic goos do not offer a serious solution to engine problems. I would not recommend their use.

    I have used them as a very short term bodge under desperate circumstances and they've sort of worked for a day or two, probably at the expense of rendering an already buggered engine completely unrebuildable, but that's been it.
  3. Those miracle cures are very expensive for a temporary fix. If they actually worked mechanics would be out of business. I believe many of these potions actually cause more problems than they solve, filling cooling systems and oil passages with goo.

    Apart from as a temporary "get you home" fix the money is better spent on a gasket or other part that will actually rectify the problem.
  4. these particular ones are basically very thick oil and/or viscosity modifiers... (give or take)
    they make your oil act like a much heavier grade (like using 60 weight oil instead of 40 or whatever), so is harder to get past the rings or out of leaks.
    They do NOT fix the problem. they just temporarily reduce rate of oil loss

    if you are blowing smoke and have to stop smoke for rego, you can try "older engine oil" which has a higher viscosity, ie thicker + the bodgy "stop smoke" products will kind of work temporarily, but oil will get dirty quicker (iirc).

    for radiator leaks.. if you have to make it home, this stuff works very well BAR'S LEAKS RADIATOR STOP LEAK 150G
    clogs the leak at the hole, but does make the radiator throwaway.. and does coat other surfaces too.. but will get you home.
  5. A friend of mine was pouring some of that stuff in his motor, I looked in disgust as stop leak, stop smoke and some other cleaner were all poured into his engine. His response was "This stuff is great, it stops my car from smoking!" I looked in disgust and just dismissed it. His car still burns oil and looses water. Just the smoke from his exhaust is gone lol.

    I firmly believe there is no magic bottle that will permanently fix a engine.

    I would much rather go into the motor, find the cause and resolve it, but each to there own.

    Long term I do not think these products are great, even the fuel system cleaners etc. I think its all just BS. If they were using chemicals to "Clean carbon" i dare say it would destroy your fuel lines and other things in the process, considering when I have cleaned up pistons it takes quite a bit of elbow grease to get it done.

    Long story short - put the money into a repair, not a magic potion.
  6. It depends on why the engine is burning oil, if its just a hardened valve stem seals it is possible for products to renew them to some degree.
    If your piston rings are shot then nothings going to repair the damage, its a matter of using oils designed for oil burning cars or rebuilding the engine.

    Adding stopleak products like chemiweld or conditioners can work however your only buying time before you throw away the whole engine.
    Not sure how these products will work on a wet-clutch or the implications on the gearbox.
  7. As someone who is a car enthusiast and has seen these products used on cars, PLEASE, do not put these within a mile of your engine. If you're having oil burning issues, have the appropriate seals/rings replaced. Yes these products are cheap but the cost to clean your engine out one these products have done their damage far exceeds that of just getting the work done correctly.
    Just my 2c :)!
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  8. Yeah, I had the same feeling regarding those products.

    Good to ask though :)
  9. Most of the magic potions should have a disclaimer on the back label that says,
    If you are reading this your motor is fcuked and you are a mechanical moron so this product is right for you.
    We want your money.
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  10. Wet clutches are the trick, many nulon products use teflon which will destroy a wet clutch in a motorcycle.

    The stop leak stuff kind of half melts the rubber of seals and makes them swell so that they push against the shaft that is leaking and seal the gap. As others have suggested sooner rather than later, the melted swollen rubber will start to come away from the rest of the seal and then nothing on earth will fix it.