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Stop me trading my HD for a Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Fa1c0n, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    I was about 30 seconds away from trading my HD xl1200x +$2k for a brand new Triumph Street Triple R.

    Tell me why I shouldn't do this?
    Tell me what would be better?

    I want to do this because the Triple R has ABS and will stop better. It is also a better commuter than the HD and goes faster. :)

    You guys know I've been thinking about swapping for ages now so I will leave out the whole story.
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  2. I thought you were after something that would be comfortable to do decent miles on?
  3. 1. the guys at triumph said that I should be able to do ok miles on this one.
    Maybe not 1000km but certainly more than 100...

    2. The reality is that its primary job will be commuting, only on occasion will it be used for touring.
  4. The guys at Triumph will tell you whatever you want to hear I would think.
    We don't know you from a bar of soap mate all I can say is that's a radical move, thought you might have gone for something in between.
  5. Something in between?
    Such as?

    (Just some background knowledge, I'm only 21 - so I figure a sports bike/naked is the way to go at this point.)
  6. Speed triple. Not street triple. Because you know you want to :)
  7. So I looked at this.
    There was a 2012 Speed Triple for the same price - but it didn't have ABS and doesn't look as sexy as the Street Triple R.
    I want ABS.
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  8. So you're trading your HD for a bit under $12k ?
  9. Geez mate , radical move . Didn't know you were thinking of getting off the 48 . I'm biased towards sports / sports-touring obviously , the STR will give more riding options than the 48 , but go with your heart/gut - have you ridden the STR ? Can you see yourself parting with the 48 ?
    Edit : sorry, forgot about your other thread re the adventure tourer
  10. STOP!

    just kidding. the STR is fine for about 250Km at a stretch. needs at least a small fairing though. I think the seat is ok, but you can get gel seats too.

    I had a 2010 STR and I'm looking to buy something soonish, and having test ridden 4 bikes now, and crossing them off as not liking them as much as I thought I would, the STR is climbing up the list again. in truth, the STR started low on the list because I'm the sort of guy who likes try new things.

  11. ABS is an option on the Speeds. Don't know why it's not standard, but there you go.

    Biggest difference - Street is a 675 with ~100hp. Speed is a 1050 with ~130hp. Of course, the 675 will still peg down the road harder than the HD anyway.
  12. test ride one first and not just around the block they are a great bike, after meeting you I thought that you fit more in with the sports bike crowd and I am more of the age who would want a Harley funny how we sometimes stereo type people hey?
  13. $12k on the dot.
  14. Totally. :)

    I can only see myself parting with the 48 knowing that I still have 40-60 years left of life to buy another one. (hopefully! :p )
  15. Good to hear!
  16. dude sell your bike privately you should get enough to pay cash for the stripple
  17. They are selling for 14k on bikesales - and they all have less than 5000km on them.
    Why would someone buy mine with 25,000km on it when they can get a newer one? It's actually quite a good trade in price.

    Unfortunately the new forty eights are much better than the old ones. They have ABS and 6speed gear box - keyless ignition too.....
  18. Do they come with these stock or are they after market parts?

  19. Do some hard negotiating , see if they'll throw them in with the deal !!
  20. Those are definitely aftermarket parts and VERY high maintenance, higher even than a DesmoQuatro with oversized valves.
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