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N/A | National Stop calling police "pigs" or "bacon"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by grue, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Bacon and pork and other pig products are delicious and contribute to the happiness of millions (billions?) of people.

    The police, on the other hand, are not delicious, and contribute only to the happiness of themselves and their masters.

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  2. ok but only because you said please..
  3. And baiting them on public forums doesn't contribute to their happiness or state of mind, or make them any more likely to use their discretion in a generous way the next time they pull one of us over...

    Has it occurred to you that there are several serving members of the force on this forum, and that you are not as anonymous as you'd like to think?
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  4. I don't have a problem with individual police officers, at least usually.

    Kinda ironic, how most of them probably get along with most of us on an individual level, but each thinks the other's kind are horrible.
  5. Cyber bullies!!!!111!!!
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  6. Wow, who really cares? Like they use discretion in Victoria.
  7. I'm one of those crazy people who don't mind the police.

    I guess it's just one of those things, we all hate them until someone is climbing in your windows and snatching your people up and then we're all glad to see police arrive. Until then, many people hate them because they do things like enforce road rules.
  8. +1 ha ha

    True to some extent, but no offence, I disagree, based on my personal experience which is different from you.

    When my car was stolen they couldn't catch the thief, but when I genuinely forgot to pay up after getting fuel in servo (why?, yes, I did 22 hour straight shift on a project and was dead tired on my way home). They came knocking on my door soon, and behave like as if they caught a serial killer or something, for a simple honest mistake, they even said "I can arrrest you now", bravo. What a waste of tax money we pay. Some of them really don't have a clue what a real crime is or a simple mistake. They should be contracted and paid per cases solved to save public money. Having said that, I have seen some really sharp police also, so it depends, yeah. But again, this is not again you, no offence.
  9. Seriously? that's your counter argument? I've been drinking so fvck that!

    Their role is to apply the intent of the law without pride or prejudice, if they're so thin skinned they need to 'win a point' on the side of the road they should fvck off and hand in their freddies immediately. Clearly their egos are over-riding their power.

    A cop is somebody who gets you for something, a pig is someone who gets you for anything (real or imagined)

    Cops don't apologise for pigs anymore than riders apologise for hoons. Fvck em, we both have to live with them, nobody has to pretend to like them.

    If their happiness comes at the cost of the people they're sworn to serve, I have no sympathy. Real cops know we're not talking about them, real cops know the thin blue line they stand on.
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  10. For sure. But I'm sure if the thief left a business card with their home address and all sorts of details they'd be at his door pretty quickly too.

    I guess because I work with police and see all sorts of jobs they do, and some of the amazing stuff that they do every day I'm pretty lucky. But for every TMU unit standing on the highway zapping people as they go past at 3kph over the limit there's 30 GD cops responding to real crime. And with the limited resources they have, they do a friggin' good job.

    I can understand why people get the shits when all they see is the traffic side of things. But even calling them pigs does nothing to emphasize their point - it just makes the poster look like a twat.
  11. :rofl:

    But in all seriousness, they didn't do shit any of the times I've asked for their assistance.
  12. This is far as I got, cos it's the funniest this thread will get.
  13. I've actually copped a few beatings from general duty constables, so I know they're out there doing the right thing. Even though the general community can't really see it, they are out there roughing up ****s like me. Be a bit grateful.
  14. Imagine if they roughed up internet trolls......don't laugh, it could happen :p
  15. Yeah I heard that soon it's going to be illegal to hurt people's feelings. Better get a lawyer son...
  16. hahaha
  17. Ouch....

    ...when you come out swinging Justus, you really come out swinging.


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    Bullshit 0
  18. it's closer to about 20-0 chef.

    If I went to the cops and asked them to arrest someone who swore at me, I wonder how far I would get.
  19. #19 Chef, Mar 29, 2011
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    To quote..... "it would want to be one charming muthaphucking pig"

  20. I know exactly where you're coming from Justus.
    I've been in a similar situation to yours. Innocent until proven guilty goes right out the ****ing window. Yet when I witnessed a hit & run and called the police, they were too busy to attend. And because no one was injured badly enough to need an ambulance, they felt they had better things to do.

    And Chef's example of the cops : pigs & riders : hoons is pretty spot on I reckon. I have mate's who are cops, but I still don't like being anywhere near a pig on a power trip....