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Stop Australian Internet Censorship

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tim^, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Australians may not be able to opt out of the government's Internet filtering initiative like they were originally led to believe. Details have begun to come out about Australia's Cyber-Safety Plan, which aims to block "illegal" content from being accessed within the country, as well as pornographic material inappropriate for children. Right now, the system is in the testing stages, but network engineers are now saying that there's no way to opt out entirely from content filtering.

    from: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/pos...-required-for-all-australians-no-opt-out.html

    Petition Against it: http://petitions.takingitglobal.org/oznetcensorship
  2. G'day mate. Welcome to China. Don't ask questions. :-#
  3. Agree . but what . we just all gunna go "meh, nuffin I can do about it" !!!
  4. but there is something you can do about it

    call or write to the senator responsible, senator Conroy

    edit - spelling
  5. Bloody hell, whats going on? Has korea taken over the entire world or somthing?
  6. Well Rudd would like to make mandarin compulsory in schools and tape every bodies eyes horizontally...
  7. as some one very aptly said welcome to china.. Australia is the only western country to start internet censorship ( i think so ) what next media censorship T.V censorship. instead of setting up better internet infrastructure in which even 3rd world countries have overtaken us, we resort to communist measure. i say grow up MR Rudd and cronies.
  8. Rudd is a fackin joke.

    Make Turnbull PM .. or better still bring back Howard :LOL:

    *doning on the flame suit :cheeky: *
  9. Can easily be circumvented via external proxies or better, encrypted SSH tunnel.
  10. Yeah, but why should I have to? I fcuking hate social conservatives who want to foist there fcuking guilt onto me in the shape of legislation in areas where the government has no fcukin' business sticking its neb in.
  11. So we gunna spend close on $200 mill of OUR money to prove its not gunna work ??
  12. totally Agree .. but what / how can we do something against this ??
  13. Haha! That gave me the best laugh of my weekend. Yes Ive had a bad weekend. But anyway, Rudd and the idea of manderin is better than the Scottish tw*t we have running the show over here.

  14. but there are major business opportunity in asia. cant expect them to speak english fluently (they dont!). I wish i could speak mandarin.

    but then by 2020 half the australians will be from asian backgrounds & will already speak it.
  15. Completely aside from the fact that I am a staunch believer in personal freedom and responsibility:

    When we trust and empower the government to do the job of parents: our society is already f*cked.
  16. Jeez Tramp, dont let the facts get in the way of a good Labor bashing rant! Memories dont go back more than 9 months did you know? :LOL: