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Stoopid question of the day. Re: Boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, May 31, 2005.

  1. Hey all.

    I'm thinking of investing in a pair of proper boots. At the moment I ride mostly in my steel cap T-Boots (like the ones firefighters use) and they are a size 9 (in boot size). I wear a size 12 shoe (Black Converse One-stars, the only sneaker I've bought in 10 years.)

    Now what I want to know know is this, are motorcycle boots measured in shoe size or boot size? i.e should I be looking for size 9's or size 12's.

    I know I could just walk into a shop and try some on, but I'm lazy. I'm thinking of buying off ebay, so I was just curious...

    Ta. 8)
  2. only problem is, just like everything else in the clothing industry, sizes vary from brand to brand. sure, they'll be close, but you dont wanna end up with something thats just totally uncomfortable. maybe if you see something you lie, try and get to a bike shop and try it on before you buy it off the bay?
  3. Hmm now that you mention it, I'm not entirely sure. My foot is a little wider than average, so I have to painstakingly try alot of boots before I get one that's comfortable.
  4. boot and shoe sizes are different things??

    good thing i didn't buy that pair of size 11 boots i was eyeing on ebay :shock:
  5. That's the thing see? When I bought my boots (from an actual shop), I walked in and said "Hi, pair of boots please, I'm a size 12" and they came back with these giant bloody clown shoes. Even with these size nines I've got, I've still got enough spare room in them to smuggle a couple of kilo's of...(slow down Pete, bad taste.)

    It was explained to me that boots and shoes work on completely different sizing rules... "This is very confusing I know" -Starship Titanic.
  6. Just to confuse a bit further - The boots I bought were size 42 - they used the European sizing system. (roughly equivelant to a size 8.5 runner)
  7. hint, when trying new shoes/boots, go in the afternoon allowing your feet to swell, and bring your own socks. Make sure the socks are your normal thick socks, then try out the boots. My shoe size ranges from 41-43 depending on the style etc.

    going in the afternoon will give you a better fit, its very painful when your shoes are too tight.
  8. Yes, Uzz, good thought
    Since much of the purpose of riding in boots is to keep the feet warm as well as protected, it's most unwise to try them on wearing thin socks.
    Try them on using the warm socks that you normally wear when riding.
    Also, don't buy too small, or even snug. If you're touring in the boots, they also have to double as your shoes when you're off the bike and walking around in too-tight boots can be a REAL pain and can make your feet very sore when you have to ride the next day.
    Remember, you can always "pad out" a pair of slightly too-large boots by wearing two pairs of socks or by buying some insoles, but you can't make a too-tight pair of boots bigger.
  9. Why don't you crack onto a sheila with the same size feet as you? They love shopping.
  10. Because my girlfriend would have my nuts on a platter!

    Before you ask, no she doesn't have the same sized feet as me. And incidentally, she hates shopping as much as me... :D
  11. Couldn't you tell her she was just a 'boot buddy'?
  12. you really sure its a she? i mean no disrespect, its just that i've never heared of something like this :shock:
  13. Well she's got all the appropriate girly bits that someone NEEDS to be classed as a SHE, but other than that she is a bit like one of the boys. She smokes, she drinks, she smokes, she swears, farts and burps, she likes bikes...

    The perfect woman really. 8)
  14. Yeah you don't ever want to buy shoes or boots on size alone... there's European, American, Australian, UK, and then even French European sizings. Sometimes different sizing systems can be similar or the same but it depends on the brand. Even within the same brand the sizes vary between styles, and then there's different width fittings (with just as many variations as the sizing systems). You'll just have to try them on till you find the pair that fits best.
  15. Medal shoes,
    (rear of) 160 gertrude St Fitzroy.
    9419 4374

    They will make up custom boots to your requirements, and they fit properly because they are made to measure.

    Mine are 3/4 length and cost ~$300 four years ago.

    I know people who have had a single pair for > 20 years.

    They make boots for many of the bike coppers.

    The couple who run it are heading toward retirement, and have recently moved operations from the storefront to a garage in the lane out the back. Call to check hours, but they are usually there from 10 am.
  16. My wife detests shopping as well. It's extremely strange. Have to drag her out to buy anything.
  17. I've heard a lot of good things about medal boots. I'm going to have to do a run down to Melbourne extremely soon to get a pair.
  18. I was talked out of wearing my firefighter boots for riding by a lot of other members, so yesterday I bought a pair of Alpinestar road boots. I take a 10.5 in firefighter boots (either Taipans, Redbacks or Olivers) and needed a size 44 in motorcycle boots. I have a fairly wide foot too, and the Alpinestar's are nice and comfy :) $250 down from $299 after hasseling the salesman.

    You know what they say about riders with big feet don't you?? :wink: .... they need big boots
  19. Hey Soarer, love your tag line, up there with the best of them (original????)
  20. Thanks, yes I got in trouble for going to school in my underwear this one time.....