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Stoopid Harley rider..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rodgonzbea, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Hi.. Im not sure if this posting is in the appropiate section.. but here it goes..

    Some time back I was out with the family at some relo's, as we all load up into the trsty Tarago, we hear this harley from the pub across the road revving it. I commented to my oldest son about how grunty those bikes are in comparison to my trusty SRX. Anyhow, as we slowly drive around the pub, this mean, badass biker, with a patch and the attitud flies around the carpark, gives me a mean F'Off look, and makes a point about flying out of the driveway and cutting me off..
    So, i let him go, as i have the whole tribe in the car. As we get to the intersection the bikie gets ready to go left..revvs it loud, but somehow the coordination failed and puts his feet up BEFORE OPENING THE THROTTLE!! Blam!! he goes on his side!!
    So I got out, although my wife said, careful, he may be pissed. I got out and sort of half thinking, serves you right for being a prick..and offer my help..
    Well.. he's pissed as a mute. Mumbled something like F off and proceeded to try to pick up his bike. SCREW YOU then, I say, so I get back in my car, jst thinking, that poor Harley..
    After a few very funny attempts to pick up the bike, and dopping it again, just to ensure the damage is proper, he finally gets on it and flies in front of another car, and pissed off into the night..

    WHAT AN IDIOT!! My son almost pissed himself laughing at this drongo picking up his bike, and I just can't help thinking, thats one more reason why a lot of people look at bikers with disdain.
    I just felt sorry for the bike...
  2. Karma is a biatch aye
  3. He wasn't stupid. He was just drunk.
  4. He dropped his bike and you offered to help, he gives you attitdude. In my book, thats a plain old wanker !! (Infact, I think even his hand will reject him lol).
  5. Riding while drunk is stupid. Riding to the pub with intent to drink? I for one consider that pretty foolish if not stupid... What do others think?
  6. That's like a chicken before the egg coment...

    He's stupid for being drunk and riding. Not to mention acting like an ass.
  7. I have gone to the pub after/during a ride and had a beer, I see nothing wrong with that. I think that anyone who drinks to the point of being over the legal limit and drives (rides) deserves everything they get and more.

    People who complain about getting done for DUI get no sympathy from me.

    While I don't believe the limits should be lowered, I do think the penalties for being over the limit need to be drastically increased to include gaol time.
  8. Who mentioned a bike? - I only read the word "Harley".:confused:
  9. I don't like my young uns seeing that kind of thing, but you gave them the right example by offering to help.

    Sounds like he won't be around much longer anyway. Drinking to that point and riding isn't very clever.
  10. +1.....
  11. I agree. This particular person was so over that he could not even coordinate his limbs. When he left, he (ironically) cut off a car pretty much the same way we get cut off in our daily ride, it could have been a serious accident. To be that pissed, I don't know.
    People like that don't really learn, you know..
    I agree that they should be hit with the book, whether they are on a m'bike, car, truck, or any vehicle that shares the road with others...:soapbox:
  12. hows you how tough he is
  13. D_ckheads are manifest in many ways. Good on you for maintaining the "moral high ground" in front your family. Even when the knob decides to write himself off properly someone will mourn his passing. You can only do what you can only do. I still give the BADASS types a courtesy nod. If they don't like it, tough, they still have to go through the mental process of consciously deciding not to return the courtesy. BTW...been in aviation for many many years and riding for about 30..any hand-eye co-ord process goes for a burton with the introduction of alcohol. If you are a super performer and can afford your skill level to deteriorate before jumping on then good on you. I must be just an average rider because I know how the consequences of alcohol mixed with trying to stay upright conflict in my system. keep the rubber side down
  14. Stupid rider, wouldnt matter what bike he was on.