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Stoopid annual leave question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wang chung, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. So i have a brilliant idea.

    i got about 15 days of annual leave.

    I was thinking if i could use these days once a week and always have a 3 day weekend and only work 4 days :grin:

    So 15 weeks of only working 4 days a week :shock:
  2. What's the stoopid question?

    I'll admit, I've been known to fantasise about the same sort of thing... Don't forget 10 public holidays through the year and sickies to boot!
  3. Whats your job? would that be cool with your employer?
  4. Good in theory I guess... though I doubt the boss would go for it.

    + when it comes time that you do actually want an extended period off, you won't have any days left :p
  5. Me got 9wks leave left :LOL:

    Always being forced to stay home to reduce time owing :p
  6. i know that would be sweet
    but i dont think it will work..... have tried it
    :p :p :p
  7. LOL Troy..

    Wouldnt be authorised where I work as well.. good idea tho :)
  8. But with my job, i cant really be replaced.
    I work in a small team of 3-4
    So the way i look at it. They can be without me for 3 weeks straight or a few days here and there a month.
    i got this friday and monday off work (annual leave)
    I put in another leave application next month for the same thing. Except my boss told me to get stuffed.
    I am trying to blackmail him into approving my leave otherwise i'll be "sick"
    It's better to know when a worker isnt coming in advanced so you can at least be prepared :twisted:
  9. I used to work a 4 day week by working longer on the 4 days I turned up and had every Friday off.

    We set it up so that half the group had Friday off and the rest had Mondays off.

    It worked well in the opinion of the staff but the blinkered management couldn't see the value of it, it was snuck in during an EA negotiation, and killed it off after 2 years.

    It was great having 3 day weekends and made life a lot easier with running errands and paying bills on your weekly RDO leaving your weekend free to enjoy.

    For about 4 months I basically worked the Fridays anyway and banked the days and took 3.5 weeks off when it suited by Boss & myself, lined up nicely with a trip to Bathurst for some car race actually.

    By the way, I do work for a now majority government owned utility.
  11. Well just to be an a**hole, I only work 4 days a week anyway, 8-6 Monday to Thursday. I love it. I have a great boss that lets me do this because I live like and hour and a half away from work, it saves me fuel and I feel like I get more work done on a 10hr day that I would in 2 8 hour days. Try bringing it up, it might work if you have a good boss.

    We also have a thing called 48/52 that means we can choose to have 8 weeks annual leave a year instead of the 4. 4 weeks are unpaid but it's spread out over the year so you don't notice a loss of income. I don't do this but I have been tempted. I guess it’s all about finding the right balance between work and life.
  12. just tell him youll report him for calling you a poof :LOL:
  13. Differnt boss :)
  14. Sounds good to me but some places have a policy or at least try to encourage you to take a proper break instead of using your leave a day here a day there. My old employer insisted that we used our annual leave for at least a two week break so we would be refreshed etc.
  15. I've got about 7 week of leave and I've no idea what to do with it.
  16. paid? Ill take it ;)
  17. As far as I am aware, no employer can force you to take leave when it suits them, or can dictate how you take it (blocks or days at a time).
    If you give sufficient notice, an employer cannot refuse leave. I would give it a try, and if they don't like it, vote with your feet or threaten to take all your time owing at the busiest time of year.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Yeah i just asked for 3 weeks off over 6 weeks at half pay. They told me to get lost :(

    Still trying to negotiate a month or 2 off SOON.
  19. Anyone actually know the time frame an employee asks for the amount of time off before the employer has to tell him. I have a heap of time (anything from 4-16 weeks?) and I've asked the boss/owner a few times but he is a lazy bastard and won't ring up the accountant to find out. As she is the only one with access to M.Y.O.B that can find out *sigh*

    I'm thinking of resigning anyway. This gets paid in my finishing payment (any paid leave owed?)
  20. Make sure you know your annual leave balance before you leave, and yes you have to be paid it.