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Stoopid adelaide taxi driver!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by rodgonzbea, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Hello, I thought I'd share my latest hate story..
    Finished work about 9, and was ridng home, taking it easy double lane main road. Im on the right, behind another car, light traffic. This taxi drives up and starts getting a bit close for comfort. So I do the right thing, im tired and CBFd, and signal and pull to the left. Go for your life.. taxi goes up to next car.. and cant go past.. so it slows down and tucks in behind me. Like I said, i CBFd so i stick to the speed limit. Taxi goes about a metre from my back, so i turn around and tell him to F'Off, and wave him away. As this doesn't work, I then tap the brake, (im not commiting suicide here, just a light tap to turn the light on).

    Idiot then changes to right again, drives next to me, right up to the car in front of him, and as his back door is next to me, indicates ONCE and proceeds to push me out of the way!!! I beep and holler but no, the imbecile just squeezed me out. There was another car some distance in front so i couldnt just outrun him, plus, i was not going to play chicken with a car!!

    As it turned out, I catch up at the lights, ride up next to him and tell him "Whats the matter with you!! You freaking retard first drive up my ass and then try to drop me!!"
    He goes "Well, you were only doing 57 on the road, if you can't drive you should get the f out of the road!!"

    ITS A 60K AREA YOU MORON!!! OF COURSE I CAND DO 60 ON FIRST GEAR IF I WANT TO BUT IM ON THE LEFT LANE!! AAAAAAARRRGGHH!! Isays.. I got your cab number and im reporting you!!
    So he waves his hand at me and says piss off, do what you want, flips the bird at me

    So I come close to the window with my carbon fiber knuckles fisted up and said "What if I punch you in the face and then go really quick!!!" I then put the bike on the side stand and do as im getting off... jeepers you should've seen his face!! Eyes went round, a bit like that emoticon:eek: and takes off, freaking holden was screaming!!! faaark that was funny!!! I thought.. i could catch him and torment him, but Like i said, i just wanted to wind down with a ride home.. plus if you going to do something, do it then and there.. you chase someone and thats just stupid..

    Still, i remember his number, bound to come across again.. Ill ride up to his window and give him the bird..

    But really, some people just don't give a crap!!, I mean, I've got kids you know, mortgage., bills, a life... and if i get hurt, my whole family pays for it. And they just don't give a crap.. ](*,)

    Yeah, I wasn't really going to get off..

  2. Well played sir...
  3. The moral of the story: ATGATT frightens cagers.
  4. Can't wait til I get a chance to do this. I wanna see their faces myself.
  5. Taxi drivers should know better, show the bastards no mercy.
  6. nicely done =D>
  7. Sounds like someone who should have parted company with his side mirror.

    But I'm an unforgiving sort... not that I've actually done it myself (too afraid I'll fall off LOL).
  8. Nice work! Gotta love scaring the crap out of cagers that do stupid things...