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Stookies X-ray .

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User_5, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Hey all,
    Sorry I didnt get to it sooner but here it is.

    This is a pic of my shoulder surgery.
    The bone is all smashed in middle which is where they done a bone graft.
    and the big pin Is really uncomfortable. Its grinding and stuff when I move a certain way.


  2. Hey Stookie,

    Great pic!!!

    I'll hafta remember to show you & Lil the pics of my surgery..... :grin: I'm quite impressed with them.

  3. damn stookie.. that was mcstuffed huh! atl east the surgery is done mate.. only gets better from there.
  4. I really should know better....

    Fine with the post until I got to the grinding part....yuk!

    As ronin said, you really did stuff it up.

    Great one to show the gran kids eh?
  5. Bah, whimp :p

    Mine grinds no matter which way I move it. :(
  6. Hey Stookie, it sure looks like a mess...no wonder your arm didnt want to work! :eek: :? Hope its all healing well! :grin:
  7. Hey, after today's stack, Yohcaptain's got a smashed up collarbone too, in three places. Maybe you two and Phanoongy can compare x-rays?
  8. 10 points for effort.
  9. :( owies...

    i hope i don't have to experience that kind of stack-age.
  10. Are they permanent? All those screws and plate...
  11. Wonder if ur gonna "BEEP" through a metal detector??
    Joke!!. Hope it heals complete.
  12. Wonder if ur gonna "BEEP" through a metal detector??
    Joke!!. Hope it heals complete.
  13. Wonder if ur gonna "BEEP" through a metal detector??
    Joke!!. Hope it heals complete.
  14. woah, tripple post natta, well done :p

    that looks effing painful. :\

    and heres me bitching about a ripped up muscle and some scar tissue.
    *sook* lol

    heal fast buddy
  15. Hmmm, it's middle of the night, can't sleep for the pain, I see this thread and realize that I am not alone in my discomfort. I just got a couple of new X-rays for my collection; I guess we can put them in our riding portfolio as another mistake made that we have learnt from?

    Just for the record, damaged muscles, tendons & tissue are a lot more painful than broken bones. Even if you do not have broken bones, your pain is still understood & felt.
  16. hey.. come to the chat room thingy

    we'll chew the fat
  17. ok, chats not freakin working.
  18. Nice work.
    Speedy recovery Stookie.