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Stookie's new ride

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Stookie, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Well its not so new, i just never got around to posting it up.
    I got my Speed triple in December 09. 2nd hand with 13,000 on the ticker.
    It came with the full 3-1 arrow system, carbon stuff, braided lines , renthal bars and a few other bits and bobs.
    Goes like the clappers and a bit of a change from the KLR650.
    Its not the first quick bike though, I started on a VT250 (hardley Davidson) then a VFR800 (my favourite) then the wifes Ducati 900ss (lil) then an R6 which was good but hated the twitchy suspentiona dn teh front was terrible on bumpier roads. Then we got 2 KLR650's for us both. Rode them all over the deserts and the high country, off roading was the best time ever. moved to Cairns, everything is all permits and private here o got rid of the KLR and got a Speed triple 1050.
    Not had a great deal of time to ride it but its had its floggings, not as many as it deserves but.


  2. Welcome back to posting Stookie.

    And congrats to you both on little Stookie - you might be riding even less for a little while.
  3. Always loved the look of the Speed Triple.

    Welcom back to the tar, stook-meister :).
  4. Gorgeous bike mate! I'd have to get a Speed over a Street. Something so menacing about them.
  5. Looks real mean, love the single sided swingarm.

    Whats it like to ride
  6. 'menacing', that's the word I was after :LOL:
  7. Extremely very nice
  8. Bit different to everything else ive had, Heavy turning (im only a wee little man) Dont like the front brakes, but they are better than the KLR single discs.
    I expected better clearance, I scrape stuff, but its probably my menacing riding.

    Its got power all the way through, comfy and fun.

    Im getting used to it, It likes to chase other bikes, like a naughty dog.....Grrrrr
  9. looks unreal man! The look and sound of those things is so individual and great. Its not just another Jap 4 or Italian twin.

  10. noice. love the speed trip. its a well propper horny bike.... dont know about the rear spoiler though :p
  11. Its a stunt bar apparently, also makes for a grab rail for the Mrs, but Ive taken it off now and replaced it with a tiny $40 plastic bit I waited a month for.

    Sux to be so far away, Im surprised I dont have to buy Petrol from Ebay:-s
  12. So hurry up and move back, I need somebody to ride with!:cool: