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STOOKIES New record release feat. SUADE(LOZ)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Removed_User_5, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Hey all,
    Some of you might remember I released a track last year under J2D2-Spirit he gained to move on.
    Alot of the Netriders bought it and it travelled up the Chillout/lounge chart and hit #1 in 19 countries.
    Then I had a motorcycle accident, then I recovered and needed to follow it up.
    I went to see SUADE's CD launch and was instantly inspired by Loz and his band's vocal talents and bought thier CD.
    That night i sampled the vocals and wrote a peice of music to accompany it. i still only had one arm working s I guess I wrote it with one arm behind my back (my good arm).

    The new track is called LUNG BUTTER by J2D2.
    Its a chillout/lounge track and its getting great reveiws and doing well.
    I forgot to post up it was released so Im doing it now hoping you all can spare a few $$ to buy it via digital download. It costs about $4.

    A massive thanks also goes out to Loz and SUADE for allowing me to use their vocals and we both look forward to writting another peice together in the future.

    www.trackitdown.net is where you can find it and do a search for J2D2 Lung Butter.
    The track is currently sitting in the Loung/ chillout chart at #9 so its going ok.

    So there is is.....please go buy it if your into that kind of thing and support the struggling Muso's who have all their hard work and effort downloaded for free.

    Thanks and I look forward to your feedback.

    Stookie- J2D2 :grin:
  2. You watched a bit of Top Gun before you made that, didn't you? :)
  3. TOP GUN ?

    What the hell ared you listening too ?

  4. Fess up, Stookie - if we play it backwards we get 'Scotland the Brave', right?

    :p :LOL:

    (Sounds good, I'll download the whole thing when I have a minute.) :)
  5. Bout time you advertised it ;)

    I got this a whole 4 days ago ;) :p

    19mb for the 320kb version :shock:
  6. I often sing this one at work....MMMMM badaboopbadoop :LOL: