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Stookie's Gig [Live jamming]

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Hey all,
    Im playing some electro/funk/jazzy and whatever else we feel like at

    EMPRESS on Nicholson street. FITZROY

    Date- Monday 15th January.
    Time- 8pm onwards.

    This is a live event with several musicians where we improvise on different styles of music.
    Its not a COCK ROCK night. Live electronica, Keys, brass and live drums.

    This night is Called CLUB-J hosted by Jerome Smith. Jerome is a very talented player associated with the Rolling stones (keith Richards) , The Divinyls ,Jerome toured with Thorpey for about 4/5 years. Jerome had at this stage resided in Sydney where he also had bands of his own including Psycho Bone Heads. He also continues to play with Bridie King, Jacky Orzasky, Professor Groove and the Boodie Affair, Shauna Jensen.

    of course Im playing to and everything is improvised on the night....no rehersals or nothing.
    So if you mostly want a laugh and maybe hear some great stuff with a difference then come on down and see me there.

    Its free entry .

    Alot of guys ask on Netrider where and when I play so this is me telling you so if you miss it cos you didnt see the thread then sorry.

    See you all there.....Stookie :grin:

  2. I should be there man... :grin:
  3. I'm on the bike from Sydney as we speak...................wait for me won't ya :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Dont bother Jeff........they dont allow sarcastic wankers in melbourne. i hate you to waste the trip so go spend your petrol money on crack.
  5. oookkkkkaaaaaaaay....
  6. i'll do everything i can to be there. do you know what time you'll be playing? buggered if i can stick around til 4am on a weeknight :cry:
  7. Impro, free-spirited jazz/funk cosmic excursion of sound, waves and vibes, no rules, no barriers. I wish I could be there.
  8. Starts at 8 and I be jamming most of the night with the band. Wont be a late one either cos i got work the next day too.

    I be out of there by 11 hopefully.
  9. :grin: way cool. if anyone is planning to go, feel free to PM me and maybe we can meet up before for a bite to eat or something. otherwise i'll c u there :)
  10. Was a GREAT night... truely music overload... whens the next one? ;) :grin:
  11. +1. Fantastic show jay. make sure jerome talks you into again some time soon :wink:
  12. thanks guys. Glad you liked it....

    We blew up 3 speakers on the stage, bassline overloaded it. Niceeeeee.

    I had great fun and will do it again for sure. What a laugh we had.

    It got recorded so I be sure to give you a yell when I get it on CD.

    Cheers for the support
  13. I would come with you if I had a f*cken bike. :roll:
  14. :woot: :dance:

    i'll dink ya next time buddy :p