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Stookie wants a Suzuki GSF250 or a Hornet 250....any ideas ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. Hey,
    I been looking at a Suzuki Bandit or a Hornet 250.....?
    When buyin a grey import bike are there any things to look out for......and whats the top speed on these little beasties ?
    I seen some really good bikes and Im tossing up between the 2 bikes.
    Im going to go test ride them both but i am looking for a bullet proof engine and easy servicable parts so any more info you guys can give then I will appreciate it.....


  2. The Bandit was actually sold here officially so is fairly easy to get parts for, my 250 Kat shares the same engine and I've had no trouble sourcing parts in Ballarat (Melbourne should be even easier). Top speed of any Japanese import should be limited to 180kph since that's the law over there (might be able to get more out of them by changing sprockets and/or disabling the rev limiter).
  3. i had a banditV, top bikes. very quick for a 250 and easy to make it go quick. look great too and the rear end can easily be raised by changing the shock over for a pre95 model. never gave me any trouble and i sold it for what i paid after putting over 10,000k on it.

    having said that tho, i always liked the look of the hornet. if it came down to the two bikes for the same price, i'd probably grab the hornet, but the bandit can be had much cheaper usually so thats the path i went down (under $4k for a 95 model with 30,000 on it and not a scratch).
  4. So what do people think of the Hornet ?.

    Ps. Stookie, Your in Victoria right. How many months have you got left on your restrictions.
  5. Im in Melbourne, kew to be exact.....you wanna come look at my bike and have a ride ?
    I got 10 months of restrictions left thats why Im getting another 250......dont want to risk getting sent home due to my impatience.......

    Tim have you got a bike yet and are you interested in the Vt250c ?
  6. Only problem with the Hornet is that the engine's out of the '86 model CBR250 and is only shared with the Honda Jade (another Japanese market only bike), not sure if parts from the CBR250R(R) would fit but they're not the same engine. Interestingly enough though the 250 and 600 share the same frame - which was originally designed for a 250cc motor (the 250 came first). The Bandit however uses the frame from the Japanese market 400cc Bandit. Bandit motor was derived from the '89? model GSXR250 and is unique to the Bandit/Katana (not the same as the Across!).
  7. I am not sure yet, I like cruisers BUT I really want something that will perform well, not get bored with, and will enjoy.

    250cc Cruisers look good, but I think I will probley get a Hornet or similar naked and save my cruiser experience for when I can get one with 1000cc or more.

    I am scared :oops: that I will fork out money on something that I like the look of and just like you get bored of it. :wink:

    Thanks anyway with your help with the VT250C's
  8. I am not really put off by where the engine came from. Because Holdens 5.0 Litre V8 and their 3.8 V6 that they have only just discontinued have heritage back to the early 1960 Buicks.
  9. Wasn't my intention to imply the engine's outdates. Just seen a number of references stating that the Hornet uses the CBR250 engine, just wanted to clarify that it's not the CBR250R/RR engine but an earlier model which I don't think was sold here.
  10. Ive had 2 bandit's, first was a offical suzuki release and the 2nd (the one I have now) grey '95 import. Both are great.. The '95 version i.e first vtech engine is jetted differently and definately has more go than the '00 I had..

    Ive never had a problem with them.. Easy to ride.
    They will get upto 140 in pretty quick time but it takes time to get them upto 155km which is has fast as ive had my '95.
    Also the bandit gets around 230km ish to reserve around 18-19km/L which is ok.. You can fill up around 260-270 without having any worries about having to push her home..

    Nothing wrong with hornets.I nearly purchased one myself as they have some output and looks better. I decided to take the cheaper option and keep my money for my upgrade bike...

    My Bandits currently missing some brake levers and tacho so I cant offer a until that works complete..(approx 2weeks so im told..)..

  11. VTR250 guys would be my first choice of naked 250. Then if you want a fairing bike a zzr is the one. These 2 bikes are fantastic allrounders. And believe me Tim, no matter what 250 you get you will soon get bored with it.. Ask anyone and they will tell you the same thing.
  12. Actualy the CBR250 (MC17) CBR250 R (MC19) and CBR250 RR (MC22) and the Hornet 250 all have thesame engine the difference is in their pickup coils... and some engine casings (cluch cover etc...) all engines are an easy swap b/w the bikes
  13. Well lord you know your cbr's.. But then i guess you do have your own bike store going there.. :LOL: :LOL: I just noticed how many bikes you have.. i am trying to get no 2 at the moment and wife is freaking.. :grin:
  14. Fair enough, the Hornet 250's still using the MC17 engine (even the 2005 model) so I guess not a lot has changed there (Bandit engine however was a new design based on an existing engine). Still would have thought there'd be some differences between the '86 model CBR250 and later model CBR250R(R)s - think a few people on this forum might object to the claim that the CBR250R and CBR250RR have exactly the same engine :p .
  15. No mention of the Zeal or Baluie (spelling?)

    The Kawa Balui thing looks a little small, whcih is why i have discounted it and am now hunting for a Hornet, i rode a Hornet last week and though i have no other recent reoad bikes to compare it to, it fits mke nicely, i am 6'1"/100kg

    The Zeal looks ace, Ray Quincy have one for under 4k and they told me that they service them no worries. But i am not sure how big it is.

    Can anyone comment on the size of the bgandit or the zeal for taller riders?
  16. If thats the same Zeal I looked at a few months ago at Ray Quincy's I wouldnt touch it.. I took it for a brief test ride no problems but when I got back and placed in on its stand it was leaking oil from the transmission.
    Had a close look and discovered a huge crack in the transmission case.

    Im only 70kg and 170cm and found the Zeal a good fit for me.. The suspension is really bouncy and soft which is probably gonna be an issue for a big guy like yourself unless you upgraded the shocks.

  17. The Balius is still in production (based on the ZXR engine) but is well down on torque with 20nm compared to 24 for the Hornet and 27 for the Bandit. The Zeals based around a slightly detuned FZR engine and is probably also a good option with 26nm of torque (being Japanese bikes they all make a claimed 40hp).
  18. Stookie,

    I have had no problems getting parts for my bike...although this has only been brake pads, plugs, filters etc...I looked at the Balius, Zeal etc...and fell fot that phat rear end (I like big butts and I cannot lie, you oth...)lol

    Shoot me a pm...your more than welcome to come have a good look, ride of mine anytime


    Keith :)
  19. I always thought the Zeals were the smallest of the lot...

    I do like the Zeal just for it's looks but the Bandit... especialy the Aus. delivery would be the one I would go for.. these engines have the VVT?? thing apparently makes them feel more powerfull even if they are not...
  20. But is the bandit as big as a hornet?

    Where tp get hornets from, nothing around for last 2 weeks, in vic.