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Stookie is coming to Adelaide......

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Removed_User_5, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. Hey all the SA riders.
    Im planning a trip to Adelaide on 1st december (friday) and coming home on the Sunday or monday.
    Im going to head off down the GOR and see how far i can get before it gets dark. im hoping to make it to Adelaide but it might be a bit longer going the GOR than I first thought.
    Anybody got a rough guide as to where to pull off on the GOR and head onto the highway to make up time....?

    And I will have my tent and Im looking for a back garden to pitch the tent or a campground near the city. i have freind I need to catch up with in Adelaide and then Im free for some SA twisty bits if anyone can show me the way around.
    I got off my 250cc restrictions so Im taking the VFR for a big trip, cant wait.

    If any SA riders want to hook up for a ride or even meet me somewhere on my way into Adelaide it would be great as Im crap with directions in adelaide and I WILL GET LOST.
    Also any recomendations on a campground would be great to.


    Stookie :grin:
  2. Haha I can't really help you with anything ;)
    It depends how close to the city is close enough. I may be able to meet up with you and some of the other Adelaide netriders though.
  3. Jay

    It's more or less 1000km to Adelaide via the GOR, including 150-odd km of twisties which will slow down your average speed. You're looking at a 12-hour day of riding. If you're gonna do that in a day, you won't be real keen on getting back on to ride the hills when you get there!

    You can bang it straight up the western highway which takes it down under 800km and straightens it out. You can speed a fair bit more in SA than in VIC. Either way it's a bloody long day on the road, unless you're like EnduroTour who chopped out 1600km in a day on his TTR250 dirt bike.

    Once you've decided to do the GOR there's not much you can do to shorten the trip distance-wise, although going inland might reduce travel time a bit due to traffic and twisties.

    If you've gotta get there in a day, I'd personally be thinking western highway. Boring but you'll get there without night riding and a lot less sore and tired. If you can stretch it to 2 days each way, the option's there to enjoy yourself a lot more along the way and sneak in some nicer twisties/sweepies riding that can make the trip more enjoyable.

    Hopefully you'll get a chance to catch up with some of the SA netrider dudes, they're a top bunch.
  4. That's right we are champions. Champions of the world :D we don't really have any camping grounds in Adelaide, not that I know about anyway cause I have never stayed at one here... You will probably be able to find a Netrider that will be willing to let you pitch a tent in their yard, or even sleep inside if your lucky haha. Unfortauntly that isn't me as I can not accomodate. :( You would be able to afford my apperance fee anyway hehe :LOL:

    I will try and get some new rubber on my rims and try and hit up some twisties with you. Just gotta find a good tyre place.

    You might also consider a hostel type accomodation. Will get you a lot closer to the CBD if not in it. There is a hostel a stone's throw from the beach as well so you might want to consdier that with the hot weather that we are having at the moment (you can literally see the beach from the hostel, fine babes too cause of its location). Which is Glenelg Beach Hostel

  5. We can provide.

    (Montague... Montague !!)
  6. I may be a little further out of town than you'd like Stookie, but you can pitch your tent in my spare bedroom if you like.

    I live at Modbury (North east of town) and it takes about 25 mins into the city in peak hour.

    And I've just got rid of my VFR (the hard way) and bought me a GSXR 1000 - so any excuse for a ride...... :grin:

    I can meet up with you at maybe Stirling on Saturday. ( You gotta be able to find Stirling!)

  7. Well looks like the caravan park might be the way to go. unless greame can meet me somewhere on the road in from melbourne.
    i remember last time I was there coming down the big hill into adelaide then meeting a mate at the MOBIL servo on the way in, it was in the middle of a fork in the road.

    If anyone can offer a bit of grass to pitch me tent....it be good.
    i might take you up on your offer of the room greame but seriously i got no chance of finding stirling, I know its in scotland but im sure i got a plane last time I went there.
    I might have to look into getting a map of adelaide......oh i got one here....ok so stirling is on the way in almost. is it just off the south eastern freeway and is that the freeway i will be on coming into adelaide ?

    Greame I will PM you my number and details and hopefully you can navigate me into stirling. Cheers.

    Or maybe we can all have a BBQ at the caravan park and get shyte faced and fight......wohoooo. nah better not....
  8. This is a very useful tool for planning a trip, Jay

    Just type in 'from' and 'to' towns and go

    Or click on "Adv Route" go button and you can input the towns you want to go thru.

    It gives times as well as distances between towns etc


  9. Stirling is not far from the hwy you will be coming into Adelaide on yes. It is very close actually. Coming down the freeway, you will see big huge signs saying Sirling Use Left Lane then you follow that into Stirling. The Mobil you are referring to is at the bottom of the freeway, very easy to find.

    Since I am not far from Greame, I may also tag along and meet you where ever he is meeting you. :) Depending on what time you land in Adelaide, as I have work of course :grin:
  10. I think 13 hours in the seat will kill me for saturday so Im going to stay in mount Gambier on Friday night. Anyone from Adelaide fancy meeting me in Mount gambier and have an early ride back into Adelaide is very welcome.
    Its a cruisy easy ride so i should be in adelaide by lunchtime as I will no doubt be up at the crack of dawn and on the road as early as I possibly can.

    Sunday might be the best day for a trip around the hills i guess and I will leave on monday morning and head for melbourne via the shortest route which I guess is BORING. but hey I get to do all the GOR.

    anybody any idea what the weather is going to be like over there, im not fussed about the cold as long as its not bloody wet. ! ! :?
  11. Stookie you are a legend to attempt this in one day, would be a blast however, if I didn't have to work on the Sunday I would have loved to join you on this ride.
  12. If you are rolling in on Saturday, I will be able to come meet up somewhere, but Friday, won't be able to. Unless tis later than lunch. :) Yer we not getting rain in Adelaide, weather is so much better than you Mexican's are getting. Getting quite hot.
  13. Do you have a leave pass? Mr newly attached to ball & chain! LOL! Bet if Lil could get time off your post would have read very differently! VFR trying desperately to keep up with Duke on way to Adelaide, please be kind to me!
  14. Off course I have a leave pass, and NO I never need to ask permission just like Lil doesnt. Lil isnt coming because she has to work . And as for the Duke leaving the VFR behind......well you will have to ask Lil about that. i think you could be wrong though. I wait for her and she waits for me.

    You girls think you have it all sussed out eh !
  15. OK Stookie, that weekend is a busy one for me but so far I've got....
    free Friday early afternoon but not evening or morning,
    free saturday until early afternoon,
    busy all day sunday
    so not sure I will be able to meet up with you but will do my best
    pitching a tent in my backyard will result in my dogs devouring you so it wouldn't be a good idea.
    and I've got guests over that weekend staying in the spare room too...
    I'll send you a PM anyway though cause we might be able to organise a ride somewhere..
  16. Bwahahaha

    The cactus is coming along for the ride :twisted:

    Sweet talked the boss into letting me have a long weekend...looking forward to catching up with some of the SA netriders for lots of beer and a bit of riding :grin:
  17. Looks like the weather is going to be a pain in the ass all weekend, thundery showers, isolated showers, cloudy and mild.

    Seems like we will be riding right into it too. You guys said it would be fine, Frikin BOM.
    O well will make for an interestingride down the GOR.
    Lets hope they get it wrong this time......that be nice.