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Stookie is back on the bike .

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User_5, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I picked up my bike last night from Roughcactus who had been looking after it since my operation.
    Im happy to be back on the road again after such a long time away.
    Id like to extend a personal thanks to Keith for being so Kind and helpful in storing my bike for me. Lil was happy it was so far away so I wouldnt ride it.
    Keith also done all the new modifications to my bike BUT NEVER MENTION "STREETFIGHTER"around him as he is likely to start twitching and go nutz.

    I rode it home from Bayswater last night and I was nervous as hell. My confidence I had has now got to be rebuilt and that might take a while.
    I do ride like a granny now as Im very worried about my pins and plates in my right shoulder. I guess its going to be a slow process but one Im keen to work on.

    I now hope to see you all at then next coffee night I can attend and catch up with all the people Ive not seen since MArch.

    See you all soon I hope.

    Stookie :grin:

  2. YAY, Stookie's back on the road!!!
  3. woooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You gotta send me your address some time mate, I want to pop over or meet you somewhere on the road. :) Im going to be over my break in period of the bike after Saturday (or tonight if the weather holds up!!) and then I will do oil/filter change and hold on baby as I can finally hit redline area :grin:

    Great news mate!!!! You just made me smile ear to ear reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. congrats stookie!!

    pins and plate cause a few nerves.... it does calm down a bit after a while though.

    just don't come off and really stuff things up heh?
  5. So how is the whole arm thing going?
    Got good movement and is it as bad as they said it would turn out?
  6. One honda out of the garage only two to go. :woot:

    BTW Congrats on getting back on the bike Stookie. :grin:
  7. great news jay, glad to hear it's all healing well, and you can now get back in the saddle

    cheers stewy
  8. Bewdy lad, see you out there.
  9. Do we have some pictures of the new mods?
  10. Well done! Friday coffee to be the first official presentation of the streetfightered bike?
  11. Yeah, Keith told me a bit about the conversion process. He's doing okay, as long as he keeps taking the medication... :LOL:

    Congrats, Jay! A streetfightered Hornet, eh?

  12. :woot: Thats Great news Stookie, take it easy .
  13. I have full movement of my arm. The plate is a bit uncomfortable but Im sure I will get used to it.
    Hopefully it will settle down a bit after i get used to the new riding position.
    Friday night I will unveil the new look 250 Hornet -streetmachine. Looks kinda nasty. Keith done an amazing job.
    Im not posting up any pics just yet as I dont have a camera right now.
    You will all just have to come down to Southbank Coffee on friday night if your that interested.

    Undii.....Its great to be back. We will have to catch up soon...PM sent
  14. Excellent news, Stookie.

    Look forward to seeing you out there... :cool:
  15. stookie, so glad you're back on the bike!!

    Get someone to take pics of this modded Hornet 250 - I must see it!!!!!!

    take it easy the first few rides, you'll be popping wheelies in a few months mate.
  16. Fantastic news Stookie, just don't overdo it OK?

    Bet you're feeling on top of the world right now!
  17. Yay..thats great Stookie ..glad to hear you are back in the saddle! :grin: :grin:
  18. ok, all together now!

    Hip hip hooray!!!!

    I hope to see you at the GOR meetup @ westgate servo mate :) Stay safe!
  19. Good to hear Stookie - see you up this way soon I hope. Cheers BB
  20. Good to hear your back.
    Being nerverous is just part of the process, you will be fine.

    Your back out there & thats the main thing.