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Stookie gets a titanium upgrade......[IM BACK]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Hey all,
    For those that have been following my recent off I finally got to go see a Shoulder specialist. (big thanks to vic for the contact)

    So, after a month of serious discomfort i have some solid info regarding my getting back on a bike.
    It wont be anytime this year as i have some complications.
    Ok , so broken collar bone (right side-good side). The bone was so badly broken it has pierced the muscle in my shoulder and split it in 2. Since I been healing the bone is sitting inside the muscle and has rendered my arm unmovable. So the nerve ending are fcuked and i will have no feeling there anymore.. the bit of bone sticking out has severed the muscle and thus killing the feeling.
    So I need 2 operations, im due into surgery on monday and im going to become a bit more metal than anything else. Titanium bars and plates screwed in to take over the weight of my arm.
    The operatation should be succesful but I have been advised that I should not be riding a motorbike again due to my arm getting numb and going to sleep due to the nerve endings being killed.

    So no more bike for me unless a miracle surgery procedure sorts me out. So I may not ride again but , I probably will cos I got faith in the surgeon.
    Lil and I are pleased that im getting the operation as it will not kill my career in music. And I guess I just have to be a pillion beeeeatch.
    (for a while).

    Thanks for all the well wishes and support you have all been great.

    My bike is now for sale so please let me know if you have any interested friends.

    My riding days may be over but the scotsman lives.
    And when Im better you can trust I WILL BE fcukING MAD. :evil:

  2. Oh Stookie.. I am really sorry to hear about your shoulder, but I am very glad that they can get it sorted out for you :? :( Good luck with the surgery and I am with you in that I have faith you will ride again. Let us know if you'd like a visit at the hospital :)

    I've just come back from a visit with the other gimp Mouth, he's doing well after his rod was pulled (out from his leg of course!) and is making bad jokes already :grin:
  3. Good news about getting to see a surgon. Shitty news about what he said. :(

    Good luck with the op's mate and I really hope They are successful for you. [-o< :)
  4. Re: Stookie gets a titanium upgrade......

    Pigs arse. Welcome to the world of single cylinder bikes. My arms are numb by the end of the driveway but it hasn't stopped me from riding. And anyway - you're a Scotsman, fercrissake. What to you think the rest of your woad-daubed, haggis-munching, claymore-wielding, Burns-reciting, Nessie-shagging countrymen do when they ride their Scott Flying Squirrels through the bracing North Atlantic breeze? They're all numb to the bone!! A DriRider kilt with kevlar Draggin sporran is no match for weather so miserable that this happens:


    Get well soon. I have a couple of mates who've been under the knife after accidents - Rolly rides his Harley with an artificial arm (can't get much number than that) and Stretch has a tin leg. You'll be fine.
  5. Damn shame this mate. :(

    Hope you'll still be sticking around HQ and Coffee's. :)

    :beer: Here's wishing you the best, and a fast recovery.
  6. Keep track of the bills......doubt it will get there but how do you feel about being called the 6 Million Dollar Scot?
  7. I asked him for a gold bar for the bling factor , but he says TAC wont cover that....bummer !!!
  8. Bummer Stookie, just do not write off your riding career just yet. Plus you have got the bonus of being pillion to Lil. That has got to be a bonus.

  9. aw dude that sucks. I really wish you the best, hope it heals up ok and you can ride again. Even if you cant its not like we will abandon you ;) need any more dvds??
  10. Good and bad news there Stookie, focus on the good. Give it a year and you'll be riding up to Sydney for a pint on me!
  11. Not real flash news there lad. Hope the surgery goes well.

    So you'll be the new titanium man? :)
  12. What Chairperson said.

    Er - possibly except for the Nessie-shagging part.

    (Good luck with the op mate, and I've no doubt at all you'll be riding again.) :)
  13. You know my feelings mate. Brothers in titanium arms it seems. Be seeing you soon
  14. Re: Stookie gets a titanium upgrade......

    Bummer Stookie, hang in there, you have something to prove to the surgeon!

    My better half used to race motox against a couple of guys that had prosthetic limbs. One an arm and the other guy had his plastic leg tied to the foot pegs.

    Never say Never!

    And as for the Rossi Posse :evil: :blackeye:
  15. Stookie, I'm glad to hear that you've got some surgical action shakin' :cool:
  16. You'll be right, as long as you aren't numb from the neck up :) .

    See if you can't get a titanium plate inserted in your forehead while they're at it, talk about the mother of all Glasgow Kisses :twisted: :LOL: .
  17. Jay, hang in there mate, when they get that open you may be surprised what they find; I can't believe we won't see you back on the road again. If there's anything you need, just holler......
  18. Jay good to hear they are fixing you up dont worry about the surgeon mate maybe he dont like bike riders like us mate and its his way of getting one off the road [-X
    Anyway mate hope that hes got it wrong cause I know how much ya love riding and that tough scottish blood should see ya rite :grin:
  19. Well that's bad news for the moment mate but let's not make any assumptions just yet, the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself if given the right opportunities.

    Good luck with the surgery, let's see how you go afterward.
  20. Mate, ive been under the knife as well last year after my career ending Op

    the first 3 months are the worst koz u think ur worth shit and cant even pee standing up... lol well i couldnt

    then u find that lil ray of hope and you start workin toward it.

    big deal u'll be abit numb. when you REALLY want something you relearn everything from the begining and its the best feeling in the world to do something you never thought you could again.

    realistically you might be in agony the first time u get on a bike but it never compares to the actual ride. and anyway pain is your friend, but mate RIDING is a way of life, so never give up on the thing you love most koz you just make life shit.
    and you will get on the bike eventually. you will see they all do......

    Good luck with the Op

    Edit: typo