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stonesy's crash at philip island (personal pics)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by capretta, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. these photos were taken at siberia where stonsey binned it on day 2 at phillip island. i got a few closeups of the bike just before they hauled it away. wasnt till i looked at the photos later i noticed things like the fact that the chain goes through the swingarm. crazy stuff...



  2. Looks like one of stumps trolleys is there in one of those shots
  3. That would be a gate. :p
  4. Ummmm.................most chains go thru the swing arm I think. There's usually a bigger space that's all.
  5. He's lucky he doesn't have to pay for the damage!
  6. Nor does he have to wash it, lucky bastard...
  7. i know, all i could think of was 'fark that is gonna cost a fortune' but i guess they get used to that.wonder what they do with stuff like the snapped carbon fibre tail piece? do they sell it?
    stonesy was very quiet tho and didnt really acknowledge the crowd at all. admittedly the crowd was pretty quiet as well, i guess everyone was a little embarrassed for him. he seems a shy dude..
  8. Stonesy :?
  9. whats up petesy from scoresby?? :grin:
  10. lamesy

    no they don't sell broken bits, they bin them, all.
  11. :LOL: lamesy?? haha you have a lulz cat avatar :p
  12. was i the only one under the impression that the swingarm was made of carbon fibre? from the pic it obviously isnt, but i'm sure the comentators were talking about the 'carbon fibre rear swingarm', eulogising about how beautiful it is :?
  13. That's because the comentators don't always know what their talking about.
  14. He binned the bike on two consecutive days, certainly wasn't taking it easy. One of those turns in particular he had that thing loose, great viewing on the big screen.
  15. i was hoping that we were going to see casey in the medical centre (i was a volunteer) but it wasnt to be... never want to see a rider injured though
  16. sif no filter thier rubbish late at night :/ lol