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N/A | National Stoner to start testing for Honda

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by edgelett, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Very interesting.
    Especially with the wild card rumours and the fact that he says he misses riding a GP bike.
  2. Casey back on a bike, fit and riding as a wildcard at PI MotoGP.....
    I'd almost pay to see that.....
  3. he won't go back to MotoGP.
    he might become a test rider but he won't be racing full time.
  4. wonder if hell pick up some endurance racing
  5. He's probably just lapping up any opportunity for a ride, doubt he will race.
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  6. Thought he wanted to race v8's?

    anyway i am not a fan of him so idrc what he does tbh.
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    Well I don't know the guy personally so I cant comment. I dont think he know what he wants. A wildcard entry isn't full time ride though so it could be possible.

    @Mikey213 Regardless of whether you like him or not is a moot point. He would be an interesting rider to have in the mix now that we have Marquez in and Rossi back on something he can ride reasonably competitively. A wildcard entry at Phillip Island or Japan mixing it up with the current field would be a cool addition!
  8. Well with all due respect sir, there's the door.
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  9. I actually think Motogp has been better this year without him..
    It's been a real interesting and exciting year
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  10. So much for him being over it, whinging little prick. What happened to his career as a V8 Super taxi driver?
  11. But it could be even more exciting with him. Another competitive rider up the front
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  12. It was a serious question, i thought he wanted to race v8's?

    And personally i like how the races are going atm, there's been a mixture of everything and its been really interesting as of late.

    it gets boring when the same people are 1/2/3 and win... each to their own though no digs here!
  13. Do you people really thing Pedrobot and MM will agree to letting him come back on a competitive bike. Do you think Honda want to upset their best chance of winning a championship
  14. The same 1, 2, 3 were winning until the injuries happened this year. It's just MM instead of CS in the top three. Personally, I'd love to see MM and CS go at it, because for all of the 'whining' that CS and JL do about passing, they both can pull out some tough moves when needed.
    Also, as a matter of opinion, when it was CS v VR it wasn't that boring. It was when CS got his act back together and he and DP and JL started giving each other back rubs after the race that it got boring! It became about winning and not about beating your rivals, and there was no context with which to cause a proper fight.
  15. What's cute mick is that you think he can come back in (even though he is just testing next years bike) and win a championship from half way through the season. Face it pedrosa is never going to win a championship. Yes stoner would probably win a smack load of races but the trailing guys would still be in the same order. I feel that this year is marquezs. I don't really ever get the stoner hate. did he come around your house and kick your dog or drink all your beer or something

  16. No nesesarily. If Stoner would be with Honda, then Marquez wouldn't take his spot.

    What is more interesting, watching Stoner complaining about the state of MotoGP (even if it is fair) or Marquez overtaking Rossi the Rossi way at Laguna Seca?

    I'd love to see Stoner in MotoGP, but not at the "expense of other riders".
  17. I assume you are talking about wild card ride at the island. Mm and ped wouldn't have a say. It's the dollar sign that will determine it.
  18. I was more referring to the other posters here suggesting a Stoner comeback.

    My comment re upsetting their chance of winning a championship was meaning I doubt they'd upset MM or Pedrosa.

    As for why the hate. It's not hate, I just think he comes across as a whingeing whining little kid. From what I've heard from mates who are in to the V8 Super taxis and not bikes is that he isn't endearing himself there either.

    Really, you don't think MM or Ped would have any input as to what level of bike Stoner gets. Do you think Honda would risk taking points away from their rider(s) if they are in with a shot of the championship.
  19. Poor bloke's vilified in the UK, vilified in Aus and vilified on NR!! lol!

    Personally i'd love to see him back on a bike, can't see it happening though, even as a wild card.
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