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Stoner to retire?!?!?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by heffa, May 18, 2012.

  1. Just came across this article in The Age. What the hell?

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  2. Its true..


  3. More...

  4. :eek:

    Wow, he said he would retire early but this is really early!

    Marco Simoncelli's accident and unfortunate passing last year really seemed to affect him and his illness, back and arm issues don't seem to be going away.

    Expect him to pop up in V8 Supercars next year.

    Edit: Just read the articles and quotes from him and I take ecerything I said back!

    Lost his passion for the sport. Very bad for MotoGP!
  5. The thing about passion is it can be re-ignited as quickly as it's extinguished, the 2012 season's not over yet... Let's see what he says in October
  6. I agree with nobby up to a point. If he says he's not going to be there next year then I think he won't be, but it's a way early retirement. He may well find that by this time next year he's missing it. Of course by then Honda won't dump whoever they've replaced him with...

    Allen Jones did this, and then had a couple of abortive attempts at getting back into F1 in crap cars. Tarnished his reputation bigtime.
  7. Surprising ... but not surprising. He's always been open about being a family man - and with Simoncelli's death followed by the birth of his daughter - he may have just felt the risks weren't worth it any more. And if the fun has gone why take the risks?

    Definately have to make it to the Island this year to see him ride for maybe the last time. Boo hoo!
  8. Just heard as well. interesting stuff, finally something exciting in motogp :p
  9. So he won't be remembered as one of the greats after all.
  10. No, just another of great potential.
  11. Damn, after reading this I immediately looked up ticket prices for PI ...
  12. And GP goes back to been just yanks and euros!
  13. It's a great decision. He's been in Europe since he was 15, he's won two premier class titles, and is unbackable for a third, he's beaten the best in the world, including one rider who thinks the racing world revolves around HIM, he's got enough money to be comfortable for the rest of his life, and will have the life-long loyalty of Mr Honda, so he can retire unhurt and enjoy his lovely wife and child. Goodonya Casey!
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  14. Heard this on morning radio - apparently he has been in talks with team Vodafone for the Aussie V8's........... Not too sure what to believe

    DROID-Tablet talkin'
  15. Yep it's a pretty smart move by him, I reckon he'll be testing in a V8 supercar very soon.

    Edit: bitstar those rumors would be true he has mentioned retiring to V8 supercars in the past and he is good friends with Lowndes and Whincup, he was in their garage at Bathurst last year.
  16. Sad, sad, sad... MotoGP got boring all of a sudden (and i'm an avid follower, haven't miss a race for the last 20 years).
    I fully understand Stoner but hate the reasons that had taken him to this position, those reasons being Dorna and their stupid rules and regulations that only care for their own pockets...
    Hopefully Stoner's decision will make Ezpelata think about all the damage he is doing to the sport.
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  17. Hmmmm odd news!

    I was sure that after the death of Simmo that VR would retire as soon as his contract was up - certainly expected Stoner to 'out live' VR and retire in years to come...

    Very, very very disapointed Casey but hope it's the right decision for you!
  18. That gives Rossi more options on where to go.
  19. Fark what he wants, how about ME, how about his FANS, its so unfair?..............lol joking guys.

    Stoner can do whatever he wants, hes earnt his place and can say that hes a better rider than VR, even without the titles and wins...............As ive always said, family comes first.

    If Stoner wants to retire then I say..............thank you for the memories. It wont be the same not seeing your masterful riding on display.
  20. Wow, that sucks but good on him. I'd much rather see him retire at the top of his game than hang around too long to the point where he's no longer competitive.

    Look forward to watching him draw some big black lines on turn 3 at PI this year, for the last time.