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Stoner to miss the next 3 rounds of MotoGP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by E2W, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. That's a shame.

    Thing is, the guy's crook enough that he has to take a break. Yet he's still running third behind two Yamaha team mates.

    Imagine where he'd be if he was race fit...
  2. Goodness :shock: what will the Casey-bashers have to write about for the next couple of months???
  3. Yamaha fans can rejoice. It's going to be either Rossi or Lorenzo for the title now.

    Let's hope that he recovers. It was, some may remember, a very similar illness that finished the career of the great Freddie Spencer back in the late 1980's
  4. It takes a brave man to make a decision like that.

    A commentator on a podcast site I visit speculated a few weeks back that this would happen. He also believes that we won't see him race again.
  5. It will be interesting from Hayden's perspective. Can you imagine how he'd feel if he got beat by Kallio?

    And Ducati might now start looking at ways of making their bikes more universal. They can't be finishing at the tail of the field, not now that we know their bike is awesome when Stoner rides it.
  6. Bring back Bayliss for a few races :cool:
  7. :shock: that's a bombshell news bit.

    Here's to hoping for a quick recover for Casey. Ducati must be shitting their pants right now -- all these rumors are spinning out of control right now too (How Casey had been ready to call it quits before anyway, that spark in him has gone out & he'll never be in top form again, blah blah...)

    Anyway, they're moving up Kallio to the Marlboro seat and bringing up Fabrizio to fill in the vacated Pramac seat. Interesting decision... Fabrizio?!
  8. They'll just whinge about how he's too p!ss-weak to race...

    Hope they get it sorted and he's back on board soon. Must be a worrying time for everyone involved, 'specially his family.
  9. fatique :shock:
  10. What was his reasoning for that? If the bloke can get podium finishes whilst sick as a dog, surely things are only up from here?
  11. Nooooooooo!

    Well I guess it's a good idea, he's still a young fellow. The championship looks increasingly unlikely even if he does race on. Need him in tip top shape for the Aussie GP.

    Although now I am really looking forward to see what Kallio can do on the factory machine. This may show us how much difference there is between the Marlboro and Pramac teams.

    I do think that Hayden will be a little worried though, he absolutely cannot afford to be beaten by Kallio. I expect that he will be beaten.

    Also now the Yamaha team should let Lorenzo and Rossi fight all the way to the end of the season, as there is no other championship contender within miles.
  12. So have I missed something or has there been some other news about exactly what's wrong with him? I recall a commentator mentioning glandular fever a few weeks ago but I never saw any more about it.

    (GF is a b*tch but it won't kill him.)
  13. As long as it isn't chronic fatigue, ME, or another of those wishy-washy buggers that some people can't kick.
  14. Sounds like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,I seem to remember Barry Sheen had it,don't know if it was after his riding career or not,he was taking Ice baths and that got him over it,it was known as Yuppie Flu for years and was widely thought of as BS,but I think there is a medical test for it now.I think it can develop after a viral infection,I am no medico,this is stuff I have read about,hope he gets over it soon.
  15. Yep real shame
    Here's hoping he gets back to full strength and comes back guns blazing
  16. Stoner ya pussy, just like every other Ducati rider, Ha!
  17. lol
    johnny you're on some of the tue/thur rides right?
    should say gday
    (last thur ... yes also hoping i have no unexpected letters ...)
  18. It might take that long for us to find the dummy.
  19. :LOL: ...acknowledging the master.