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Stoner to Honda in 2011???

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Weasel, May 12, 2010.

  1. Just read a rumour on MCNews that apparently the Italian press is reporting that Casey Stoner has supposedly signed with Honda for the 2011 season.

    The rumour does state however, that the Italian press is notoriously unreliable, but I just wondering if anyone can shed further light on this rumour???


    "I feel the need.... the need for speed!"

  2. At least there'd be a better chance for Honda to get their shite together!
  3. How they laughed at that one!=D>
  4. Slow news day in the Italian press room.
  5. Im just reading AMCN & it hints at it in an article by Kevin Schwantz. He reckons Honda should grap Lorenzo &/or Casey for next year.
  6. too early in the season for it to be true is my call
  7. Wishful thinking by the Italians, who want Rossi on a Ducati.
  8. As if, they probably threw money at him so they can get back on the podium number 1.

    Stoner wont go. Lol also at the LCR team, even tho Repsol would be faster.
  9. He would be a mug to do it.
  10. The Honda is faster than the Duc in a straight line so far this season - ref Dovi getting Hayden on the line in Qatar.

    Remember what Casey did on the GP07 when it was sickeningly quick but a pig to ride?

    These things are always entertaining at this stage of a season. Grain of salt, but it's interesting how often they actually happen eventually.
  11. Stoner is contracted with Ducati until the end of 2010, and according to the Italians was unhappy with Ducati actively trying to sign Jorge Lorenzo when the Aussie was sick last year. Lorenzo is also off contract at the end of the year, as is Valentino Rossi. Another report says Rossi has already been offered a two year deal with Ducati, and if that came off you'd have arguably the greatest rider of all time riding a home grown product – a recipe for great success and jubilation, hopefully.
    The report also says Rossi would be given plenty of freedom with how he fitted into the works Ducati outfit, but it's unknown how Jeremy Burgess fits into the mix.

    The fact former Ducati team boss Livio Suppo (the man at the helm when Stoner won his title) is now with Honda could have helped the Australian make his decision. Suppo though, has actually denied Stoner moving to Honda.

    Where does this leave current HRC rider Dani Pedrosa? Pedrosa has openly criticised his machinery in recent times, something Honda bosses would definitely not like. Also issues with Pedrosa's mentor Alberto Puig playing paddock politics could well have soured the tastebuds of Honda bosses.
    Let's face it, Pedrosa's results have been less than stellar, and if he's a whinger then Honda won't worry too much about cutting him loose.

    If Rossi goes to Ducati this would take Lorenzo out from under the shadow of the Italian maestro which would suit him no end.
    The silly season has gone beserk and we haven't even reached the half way mark of this season. Maybe Pedrosa could join Lorenzo at Yamaha?
  12. He hasn't done to bad a job, just had the bad luck of peaking during rossi's reign. There's only so much one can do really.
  13. Pedrosa chokes if someone overtakes him, especially if he is in the front, or fighting for position at the time. We certainly saw that in the last race.

    Rossi excels in that situation, and courtesy of Rossi, Lorenzo has learned to take the risks when the stakes are high. Pedrosa needs to get over his choking, and learn the same lesson as Lorenzo, or will just continue to get in the way of the leaders, for some of the race anyway.

    Then even though Pedrosa can run fast lap times, he holds up the other top four riders when he is in front. I think it is because he can't go around corners anywhere near as fast as they can, and his only saving grace is that he is a little fellow who weighs practically nothing, so he has a better power to weight ratio on the bike.

    Anyone taking on Pedrosa would be taking on a big risk.
  14. Think Stoner will do very well at Honda! Would not be a bad career move for him.
  15. To be fair to Pedrobot, his woes at Le Mans stemmed from a cooked rear brake. However, nothing I have seen disavows me of the opinion that he is a great rider, but not a great RACER.