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N/A | National stoner to debut at clipsal 500

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by tiprat, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Now that Casey is officially a taxi driver, should this thread now be moved from this forum to "The Pub"???
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  2. This might get a few Stoner fans upset and I dont really care.. I have never been much of a fan off track .
    I dont think this is fair on every Aussie kid that has worked hard and trained hard to get a spot in the V8's ,worked there way up from go-carts etc etc..Casey himself moved to the UK so he had a chance and he know's himself how hard that is ,how would he feel if Craig Lowndes took his first ride in motogp because he had enough dollars to buy a way in .
    Is this because of the name and the Fan's he might pull, its not like he's proved himself behind a wheel in anyway that out weighs the telented drivers that have done the work..( one or 2 fast laps a second of the pace does not count)
    Fair is fair ,he retired from his chosen motorsport to be a father, made his bucks and now he should go fishing or stay on the family farm( since he never liked the spot light) ,not steal an up and coming V8 driver spot ,he has not earned.
    That My 2 cents.
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  3. I s'pose that is why Dane is giving him a start in the development series, rather than a Tier 1 drive.

    And let's face it - drivers who can bring sponsorship dollars into the team will always get ahead in the queue. May not be fair to the up and coming drivers.

    Remember too, Stoner did in Europe what these up-and-comers are doing in Oz. It's a matter of how much you're willing to sacrifice, I s'pose. And how much support your family or friends are willing to give too.
  4. Dane shouldnt be giving him a drive..He should be paying for the lot out of his own pocket and what he can raise himself.
    Stoner did give reason behind his retirement from motogp regarding the lower classes along the same lines as what he has just done to an up and coming V8 driver..Is that not being a little hypocritical ..
    31 drivers in the dunlop series only 31 places and how many looking for a drive .Just no fair IMO
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  5. Meh he's gone from a global sport to provincial slot cars. The Lowndes comparison isn't really apt. If Mark Webber wanted to go ride a local motorbike tournament I doubt there would be much of a complaint.
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  6. posted today:
  7. He's a smart guy, I doubt it's a given that he will move up if he hasn't proven he can be competitive. One things for sure more people will be keenly watching the Dunlop series results than ever before. I hope he makes it, the kids retired from motogp for all the right reasons and still young enough to win more championships.
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  8. Whose taking bets on how long it is before he has a cry about someone running in to him.
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  9. "of Corse"

    wow. Nice spelling casey.
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  10. "corse" means racing in Italian
  11. will be interesting to watch for sure......
  12. In what way will it be interesting to watch?
  13. In 30 years of working in Motorsport I've seen very little of any fairness or equity for up and coming drivers. It's usually about who you know, who you're related to or how much money you've got behind you as to whether you make it into V8s. There are exceptions but they are so few and far between that you've probably got a better chance of winning tatts. In fact if you won tatts I could guarantee that you'd get a drive in V8s.

    So I wouldn't begrudge Stoner a thing. He deserves a drive just as much as any other driver in V8s does.

  14. Good work, i have seen ducati promotional material too.

    Still does not excuse the mistake, do you really think he was using the word corse to mean race? does the sentence "of race @V8supercars is on the cards" make any sense to you?

    I mean i know pro level racing drivers and riders are a little slow considering they were educated in trailer parks by unqualified people, but come on. If he is paying someone to run his twitter feed and post his posts, which most people do, then thats a pretty bad look for his pr people.
  15. Of course it was a spelling mistake, was giving him too much credit. Funny Casey would of seen those Ducati promo material as well! probably etched into his subconscious.
  16. Personally I'm glad he made the spelling error.

    It just proves to the spelling Nazi's on here that spelling doesn't matter when it comes riding motorcycle.
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  17. Has Mark Webber won a world championship?
  18. No. But I fail to see what that has to do with Stacey Moaner.