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stoner threatens to quit motogp if it changes to standard bikes

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by BiG DaN91, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. http://www.foxsports.com.au/motor-s...production-based/story-fn2ms4i4-1226188377787

    Although the category is moving to bigger and more powerful 1000cc engines, the introduction of the new Claiming Rule Teams will see several new squads enter with more budget-friendly and production-based bikes.

    Just days after taking victory in the final race of the season in Valencia, Stoner warned that if MotoGP moved towards making the entire field run with the lower specifications, he would consider leaving the sport.

    "I think if we kill prototypes then we may as well be racing touring cars," Stoner said. "It's no different to this. It'll definitely take everything out of the racing for me.

    "I won't find the same interest to the point where you can maybe get a street bike, put a different chassis on it, a bit of suspension and this and that, and have a competitive bike.

    "(Prototype racing) is the way it's been for so many years. There have been a few things recently about costs, which have definitely increased, and the amount of personnel needed to run these bikes. They're definitely more complicated than the old 500cc.

    "But if it does change, then it's definitely going to be disappointing for me and I don't know if I'd want to be a part of it."
  2. Fair comment.

    Will the Stoner bashing start now?
  3. It's already in full swing on the site where this announcement was first made public.

    He's right; if the premier class is not a prototype class, (albeit with regulations for parity) what's the point???
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  4. I'm betting if Honda wave a few million around Stoner will keep riding, I see his comments as putting the wind up the establishment in trying to retain proto's.

    Racers are racers, my bet he will keep racing either way.....
  5. well personally I prefer a class of racing that has at least half a dozen manufacturers rather than a two horse race
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  6. That's why I like SBK.
  7. I never Casey bashed before, but I have to say I think this comment is silly. Im sure the $10,000,000 a year pay cheque from Honda will keep him motivated.
  8. fully agree with stoner, and don't we already have catergory that run a modded street version wsb???
  9. This.

    Android tapatalking
  10. well i hope you watch world superbikes then.

    i think its a fair call, its a class for prototype bikes. if they wanted to ride modded street bikes then i doubt stoner and co would have any trouble getting a good ride in that series.
  11. I don't Jimmy - they ain't on free to air TV as far as I know. I can understand the argument, but would just like to see more teams and riders in MotoGP and more of a competition. Take nothing away from Stoner, clearly the best rider in the world at the moment.
  12. Although he's expressing what seems to be a personal opinion, I see an expression of Honda's interests rather than Stoner's interests.

    I would agree with him that a lot of interest and relevance would go out of the class if you couldn't build and run prototypes, or the rules were so heavily stacked in favour of production based bikes that prototypes were no longer competitive. The day a factory prototype can't compete with a hotted up street bike we need to consolidate and have one series, based on world superbike with some changes allowable to the chassis. There should be provision to run proto engines and proto chassis, or production derived stuff, and there should be measures to achieve a degree of parity so as to encourage as many factories and teams to participate as possible.

    As for Casey saying he'd be less interested, it's always going to be the most interesting in the class with the highest level of performance and factory / money involvement, and it's always going to be more fun if you have the genuine top ten riders in the world racing together at the same time. And riders always grumble that what they race(d) was the highest level of perfection, because 'you young whippersnappers got it easy!' All the top 500 riders - including the ones who made the transition to 4 strokes - made dismissive and disparaging remarks about tractors and diesels and earth-moving machinery during the last days of the 500s. All of them. But the ones who got paid to do so went over to 4 strokes without too much argument. Rossi started the season on the 500 but soon changed his tune when it looked like the RC211V might actually be a better mousetrap. Everybody was going to not go to Japan because there was radiation, and they all talked each other up and agreed about it. And what happened?

    One should take anything a racer says in context. That's not to say it's deliberately dishonest, but if it isn't self-serving, then he's not a very clever racer. Case study - the life long crusade of Allen Moffet in Aussie touring cars was to improve safety, to make a better spectacle, to lower costs and risks and make the racing more exciting and to give the fans what they wanted - bla, bla, bla... It never seemed to enter his sweet innocent head that every change he forced through made him more competitive.
  13. Which company spends the most on R&D and testing, causing it to be completely uncompetitive to bother racing unless you spend 3m+ on a bike?
    Which company does Stoner race for and is paid by?

    Ah, makes sense now.
  14. While agreeing that we need the prototype that happens now, I really miss the days of true production racing.

    Races like the old Castrol Six Hour, Advertiser Three Hour etc where the bikes had to be absolutely bog standard. A lot more interesting when you could see the exact same bike that you rode out there on the track.

    As in the days of the old Bathurst 1000 before it degenerated into the current farce.
  15. While I agree with what he's saying about the prototype racing, get rid of that and your really racing Superbikes.

    But, to me he's coming across as saying "I don't want to play by the new rules so I'm going to have a sook and go home"
  16. Ahh..what he said....blasphamie....how dare you bring the h's motives into question....

    But all aside....MotoGP should always be prototype racing.....use technical rules keeping it the same and fair for all, to keep a lid on the budget..

    and as for Moto2....production based 600cc inline 4, ANY MANUFACTURER, standard ECU and claiming rule......at the moment they all have that characteristic and annoyingly vile honda whine to them.
  17. Although I agree with what Stoner is saying I would hate to see him retire from MotoGP. It is definately a prototype class and that is what separates it from WSBK and other forms of racing. The issue however lies with the current cost of running a prototype team. It simply isn't affordable to those who aren't the main bike companies - mainly Yamaha, Honda & Ducatti.

    It would be a shame to see this stem away from the prototype class but really something needs to be done to make it interesting again. As others have mentioned in this thread the racing that we currently have is stale and there are really only a handful of 'aliens' out front that are able to compete for podium positions.

    A middle ground needs to be found, or perhaps extra funding (where from though?) to the teams that aren't factory.
  18. whats the difference to asbk superstock 600, prostock 1000 etc?
  19. Is it Honda in his ear or is it his missus with pending arrival of a little one and recent events ???
    Practice times of the 2012's coming through from Valencia already has Repsol Honda almost a second ahead of the rest, yawwwnnn
  20. I'm with the little sook on this one. Stuff your regulations and homogenization.
    Moto GP is the drawing board for future road bikes. The testing ground. Well for anything I like to throw a leg over.
    Same with F1. It needs to be state of the art shoite.
    Just look at all the electronics. What information they get from track testing and racing is priceless.
    What was the name of the car open wheeler series they thought would take on F1. Even using patriotism as it's theme it failed.
    I love proddy racing. Any racing. It's a shame there is no sponsorship money in this country for it.