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Stoner takes another honour

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Good one Casey !! :dance:
  2. Good on him!

    He's also contributed a damn sight more than Dawn ever did. Ahem.
  3. Fair go QW. Dawn was world class, in her time as a competitor. Difficult to compare them at all really
  4. Dawn is a thief, ha ha
  5. Good on him for winning, but what exactly has he contributed to Australian Sport???
  6. He has entertained a heap of people
  7. Dawn Fraser contributed a darn sight more that Casey has so far. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is the first championship of any sort that Casey has won at any level. Ok it is a pretty big one, but his first nonetheless.
  8. 41 Australian dirt and long track titles and over 70 State titles
    English 125cc Aprilia Championship in 2000

    He went alright as a kid.
  9. Well there you go. Thanks for that as I said......I may be wrong.
  10. May??... an understatement perhaps?
  11. He's just as much of a legend as Dawn. :wink:
  12. Furthermore I saw that Lewis Hamilton won the Laureus breakthru award instead of Casey?????????????

    So Casey dominates the season, beating arguably the greatest motorcycle racer of all time along the way while Lewis is presented with the F1 World Championship on a platter not once but twice, and blows it both times. Give me a break!!!!! Is it just me or is Caseys skin too pale?

    Another example of the F1 PR machine getting ahead of the racing.
  13. Buddy I think its just you. :evil:
  14. It's a good point actually, they're talking about Hamilton being the first sportsman ever to make a billion bucks in a season. Black enough to be a symbol of diversity, white enough to be non-threatening, insanely gifted, well-spoken and trained from an early age to handle cars and the public life of an F1 driver like nobody before him. He's a sponsor's dream.

    He'll be Tiger Woods times ten.
  15. No I think that this being Casey's second year in Motogp means he wasn't eligible...
  16. Oh ok thanks. Must admit I was shooting from the hip a bit but I am just so sick of hearing about Lewis friggin Hamilton.
  17. I feel the same about Stoner...

    But I am sick of the Hamilton hype too, roll on the season and hopefully the nonsense will die down.
  18. It will be mildly interesting to see how Hamilton goes this season. He is likely to eclipse Woods, the golfer, at the rate he is going.