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Stoner Quickest in First Practice

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mjt57, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Stoner has posted the quickest time in first practice. And he's not mucking around, either. Nearly a second under the lap record.

    I noticed too that the weather forecast for Qatar isn't as hot as I'd thought it was supposed to be, given that it's going to be a night race, ostensibly because it's more comfortable for the racers.


    These sorts of temps are what they'll experience regularly throughout the year at the Euro circuits. Obviously it's to capture the daytime television audiences in Europe and possibly the US (I'd have to calc the time diffs). So why crap on about the weather being the reason?

    Anyway, I'm surprised that Melandri isn't further up the timesheets. Edwards and Toseland aren't doing too bad on their new bikes. Obviously, it's qualifying when it all matters, pre-race.
  2. We have had this discussion already mate and I think we all agreed, it is clear that it is TV rights, not rider comfort, that has dictated the time slot for this race.
  3. Bugger Melandri. He hasn't been a factor for the last 2 seasons. I don't think that Edwards is gonna do it either. Lets see what happens in final qual. The front row is the only place to be, in this company.
  4. Rossi, Stoner, Lorenzo.
  5. Eeeer yeah, What do those 3 names mean?
  6. 1st 2nd 3rd, my prediction.
  7. Granted it's only FP2 but Lorenzo on Michelins is kicking the shit out of Rossi on Bridgestones.
  8. Yes, that much is obvious. But isn't the "main" reason rider comfort that's been put forward?

    I wonder how a night race at PI would go? I can't think of anything more terrifying than doing over 300 clicks in the dark down Gardner Straight to be confronted by nothing more than a moonlight ocean in front of you just before hitting the picks...
  9. did you join in on the NR oztips comp?
    c'mon, show us your stuff :cool:
  10. I race at night, and I'm certain it isn't as good as what the boys at Qatar have got. :LOL:

    It goes alright once you're used to it.
  11. QP2 (and final)

    1. J. Lorenzo 1.53.927
    2. J Toseland 1.54.182
    3. C. Edwards 1.54.449

    Stoner was 4th. Rossi 5th

    This is an all Yamaha front row.
  12. Official site lists Rossi in 7th, Lorenzo's time impressive and Michelin producing the goods. Bring on the race!!!!
  13. Yes, Yamaha on Michy's. I wonder what Rossi's thinking right now....

    It will be interesting to see what happens on race rubber.
  14. If you look at the grid, apart from Rossi and Stoner, the 1st half are all Michelin runners.

    Bridgestone have been having troubles with the cold track temperatures all weekend.

    Don't read too much into this though, Qatar is unique with the track temps and the way the tyres work. Also don't focus too much on Rossi's tyre choice. In his opinion, Michelin cost him the 2006 championship and their tyres were not as good as the Bridgestones last year. Couple this with Lorenzo in his garage and he was looking at any way to deny Lorenzo access to his information. He's run as a one bike team before and certainly doesn't need a teammate to bounce ideas off.

    Roll on 2008! Can't wait!