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Stoner out of MotoGP in 2007?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Gromit, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. Interesting speculation here.

    Of course, the Italian bike racing media probably aren't that reliable. But I hope he's able to get on a decent machine next year.

    And then stay on the thing for the duration of a few Grands Prix! :LOL:
  2. Interesting, I had no idea what those guys got paid to ride. You can't tell me he couldn't get a ride at kawasaki though. I guess it's a bit like F1 though, unless you're in the top couple of riders/drivers you are never assured of anything, and there are always more people looking for a ride than there are rides available.

    Good luck Casey!
  3. wow, I hope none of that is true!
  4. seems like aussie jack had his say :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. stoners pretty talented. he had trouble getting his very first ride. his parents had to risk $40k on him and he delivered.

    he almost got booted yrs ago because he kept falling off. im surprised he stays upright these days.

    he'll get a ride, he's been doing too well to miss out.
  6. The rumor doing the rounds in other mags/blogs is stoner maybe on a yamaha 2007
  7. If yamaha had the smarts they would punt the under peforming or never performed (in moto GP) Colin Edwards and sign Casey to set up a decent post Rossi era like Honda has with Pedrossa
  8. FWIW, This could be a load of c$%p, but the source has always been very reliable in the past. Got told two days ago that Stoner is talking to Ducati (?? to ride with Capirossi) and Yamaha (to replace CE) with the more likely being Ducati. The stories saying otherwise could be a smokescreen. Apparently Cecchinello is really upset as he has always treated Stoner like a son, and feels like he has been s%^t on.
  9. i can see ducati has a lot o problems on the race track. u can tell when they corner like a brick. i hope for stoners sake he gets on more of a sporty bike. im not going to miss colin
  10. There's no way he won't be on some bike next year.

    It's not heaps considering the difficulty and the risk. They have to deal with the constant possibility of death or serious injury. It's only because they're so good and work so hard it doesn't happen more often.

    The bit at the end is utter crap. Yep, he's outspoken. But it's not like he's the only guy who pays out on his bike occasionally. And being outspoken makes him a lot more interesting and popular than many other riders.
  11. I have faith in our young boy.
  12. So does every one of us when we go into everyday traffic, in fact even more so because road environment is far more chaotic, unpredictable and littered with obstructions and dangerous objects, unlike smooth and empty race track where everyone at least goes in the same direction... so, can I have my 2.5 million now, please?
  13. i agree, we have telegragh poles lining our roads.
  14. and how many millions of people do you entertain with your daily commute?

    how many years did you train for to develop the required skills for your weekend ride?

  15. The latest issue of AMCN has an article about this exact topic. Stoner will be staying on with his present team for next year. It seems the talks with Yamaha ended abruptly. No reason is given.
  16. My dad had Mark Aitchison (of Aus Supersport fame) as one of his students last year. My dad, having an interest in motorcycling through me, asked "What bike do you ride"?
    He said none of the guys in superbikes ride road bikes. He doesn't own a bike. Too dangerous for them!

    As for how much the GP riders get paid, it's only fair to compare them to the Formula 1 drivers. The level of skill is just as high in both sports, but the GP riders get paid much less and are much more likely to be in a serious accident (when was the last time someone died in Formula 1?)
  17. Ayrton Senna 1/5/94
  18. Irrelevant - the post I was replying to stated they don't get paid enough considering the risk they face. Entertainment value was never mentioned.

    There are plenty of jobs that require hell of a lot more education, and there are others that require a lot more physical effort, some of them can be quite risky and all of them tend to require showing up to work more often than 17 days a year. Often they are of far greater benefit to the society... but rarely do they pay millions.

    I am not going to feel sorry for MotoGP riders, or any other professional sportspeople. All of them are grossly overpaid as far as I am concerned.
  19. And none of them feel sorry for YOU :p

    Of course they're overpaid - they get paid more than YOU :p
  20. I hope Stoner gets a good ride...He's a smart kid.

    As regards what they get paid and the risks, lots of people die every year at work, some for a pittance. Racing motorcycles is dangerous, but not as much as working on a construction site, for a heavy engineering company, as an electrician etc...

    Having said that, they get paid exactly what their employers are prepared to pay them. If that's US$2.5m then so be it.