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Stoner or Rossi

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by stewy, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. And it's starting already


    Imo it's probably the wiser long term choice, but not sure he is the better rider

  2. I ain't so sure either.

    I never liked that kid.
  3. I'll bet Marco Melandri and Nicky Hayden are!;)
  4. Stoner IS the future.
  5. I have no doubt stoner is the greater talent.

    There is something to be said for experience though. To see the two of them ont he same team woudl be epic, but I think that Rossi's prima donna attitude would only allow the partnership to work for 1 season.

    Both great riders, though I suspect that to compare the two of them at the end of the careers will see stoner as the more decorated of the two.
  6. Senna and Prost, anyone???
  7. I'm a Stoner fan, but I still believe that Rossi's is a freak. Can't see anyone dominate like he has out of the current batch.....Stoner, Lorenzo, Spies, Simoncelli, all aren't up to his standard.

    But that's just an opinion and you know what they say about those.....:)
  8. I think Stoner has a much longer future in riding than Vale, however, having them both ride for Ducati would be mind blowing! I would pay money to see that. In fact I would have to, because I don't have Fox Sports anymore :rofl:

    I think Casey rather than Valentino would be more put out by being on the same team together...
  9. Both great riders, though I suspect that to compare the two of them at the end of the careers will see stoner as the more decorated of the two.

    Well Stoner's going to have to get his backside into gear, then, he has one world title in one division to Rossi's, how many? in many divisions. Stoner will never break the all-time record set by Ago, Rossi is a sure thing to do so....

    and just in case you think age is a factor, Schumacher is coming back to GP racing on the wrong side of 40, and it would be a brave man who would bet that there's not a few wins left in him yet, how long can Rossi win for? As long as he wants to keep riding...
  10. Why when Vale vetoed Stoners move to Yamaha? Rossi would love another championship esp on a Latte bike but I dont think it will happen .

  11. He's yet to prove himself though.

    Outwardly, I think Vale would just smile & get on with the job at hand.
  12. Why would Vale move from one team with a main rival for a team-mate to another?

    Why would Stoner stay in a team where he would become the No.2 priority? (Talent aside, think about the marketting/money for Ducati and where their priorities would lie)

    Why would Ducati risk losing several good years with Stoner for a couple with Vale?

    As to which is the better rider - at that level I think the machinery has a lot to do with it - Stoner won a championship on a good Ducati while Rossi struggled on a poor Yamaha. The last couple of years Rossi has won on good Yamahas (which Lorenzo has also enjoyed) while the Duc has come back to the field somewhat - although granted Stoner's illness threw a spanner in the works.
  13. I would back Stoner to stay, altough I couldnt understand at the time why Ducati wanted the all time crash champion (well eclipsed by de puniet) on the biggest nadded bike on the track. They did choose well its not like anyone else can ride it!

    Must give props to Rossi, Ive seen him cruise around in MotoGp fields and than blow them away when he felt like it to take the points.
  14. This hits the nail on the head, rossi is the bigger name (and i believe a better rider) and has the marketability that duc would want, however Casey has the growth potential that duc want.

    I reckon casey will stay with duc and rossi will go to kawasaki, who will re-enter in 2011 :? (i wish)
  15. Now THAT would be worth watching!
  16. Alain Prost

  17. Yes I would pay to see that=D>
  18. This is all so much nonsense, really. Rossi has said, on a multitude of occasions, that he is a Yamaha man now and that he will finish his career at Yamaha. All the rest of it is just posturing by the rabid Italian press.
  19. ...and we should believe everything Rossi says as unalterable truth?
  20. A nice description of your website=D>