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Stoner Interview in Superbike Planet

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Aug 1, 2008.

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  2. Well that's one very unemotional kid to have it as hard as he says he had it and not break down in tears when he wins the Championship and his home GP No wonder people think its lies ...That's one cold kid I thought he had no passion before I read that now I think he doesnt even know what passion means ...
    I still find it hard to Believe considering the way he acts and it just seems like a job to him. I bet his parents are relieved if they did sell everything.
  3. Hmm, nothing in there about balls, and how he sucks them.
  4. Trade secret It might be how the bills got payed before the championship win...Might be the real reason he's angry at Rossi -- unpaid bills... :LOL:
  5. You keep bringing this up, Loz. Is that what happened - he was too aggressive with yours? :cheeky:
  6. So that's why you lost one. That'll teach you to pick up "rough trade".

    You have something in common with Germaine Greer.
  7. Sounds like someone who's driven. Doesn't really have time for emotions. Emotions just get in the way.

    If he broke down and cried, everyone would likely start calling him a cry-baby. The guy can't win, no matter what he does.

    I say that he just goes on doing what he does, the way that he does it, 'cos it works for him. Can't ask for more than that of him. He his is own person, and he has every right to approach what he does by his own rules, and not anyone else's.
  8. I didn't say a thing :oops:

    Anyone who is riding in Motogp is driven. Just some more so than others (think Westy!).
  9. I hadn't realised that I was commenting on anyone other than Casey Stoner, with perhaps the gentlest of digs at his knockers.
  10. AHA! I was wondering why you were sticking up for him so much... Now we know the full story, Flux likes gently digging at Stacey's knockers!
  11. I dig at knockers in general. I've defended Rossi in the past, as well as called him out. Have done the same with Stoner. If you're going to knock someone though, have a good reason, that's what I believe. :wink:

  12. With respects, Bollocks.

    Who believes that the story of CS is lies?

    Please quote reputable sources/articles.

    Just because he did not break down in public you decide (or at least imply) that his life story of hardship is bullsh*t. Yet when he shows emotions in public people (you amongst them) call him a cry baby for voicing an emotional opinion (removing the opinion from the discussion).

    Just because one does not display public emotion does not mean one does not feel emotion, nor does it make them a liar or any less truthful than another.

    Mate, so he doesn't break down and blubber (did VR, MD?), so what. How many world champion who have been through hardship do not break down and blubber?

    And for him, riding is a job so why should he get emotional about his job?

    Do people regularly break down and cry when they do good work, get a pay raise or a promotion?

    My father passed away suddenly last year after an extremely short illness, yet I did not break down when visiting him on life support, or when all around me broke down. Why, I do not know but I did not find it an emotional moment as I looked at all the positives and therefore did not feel sad. I did not need to let my emotions out in the manner of others. Does that make me unemotional, dispassionate? Not farkin likely, just ask anyone who saw what I was like away from the public eye (so to speak).

  13. Get a grip and read the Article posted at the top HE said People think he's Bullshitting about his hard ship ...I said the way he acts no wonder people think he is ...
    And to point out Mick did have a tear in his eye when he won his first home GP and championship so did Rossi and Rainey and Schwantz (even more when he retired) So did Gardener when his wife ran down the strait at PI the first time..And if you don't have a tear of joy from doing the best you can do Then your as hard and cold and un-emotional as a dead frozen fish..Even Danni boy had damp eyes at the spanish round he won this year...
    Stoner didn't even look like he cared when he won last year ..If I had the pressure of bankrupting my parents if I didn't make it ,Knowing that they sold everything for my chance Putting the entire family including siblings on a roller coaster ride of success or no success and then I win the way he did first year on the ducati after a bad year on the honda and knowing to well that Ducati pick him as 6 choice for the team ...He's either very bloody spoilt ,cold as f#*k or doesnt care at all because its just a job..

    With respect BOLLOCKS back at you.. :evil:
  14. Kevin Schwantz cried like a baby when he retire ..No one called him a cry baby ..Ive seen plenty of tears on the podium over the years even Danni had damp eyes when he won his home GP ..Stoner looked like it was an effort to even acknowledge the crowd at his home GP. He gets Booed at Donington, shobbed at Italia ,Every Rossi fan in the world hates him and most of the UK and Now he thinks that hes been in the game so long he can back chat a multi world champ ..He's loosing fans by the truck load and its all his attitude all he's got going for him is the fact he's a good rider ...
  15. Or he is just somebody who doesn't show his emotions in public.
  16. Anger is an emotion and he's quick to show that ..Just ask Checa last year or Capirossi.. Did stoner have a go at the flag Marshals for not flying the blue flag.. NO he goes off like a Chinese cracker because they got in his way shaking his arms in the air feet going everywhere finger up the works IF THATS NOT EMOTION WHAT IS ..
  17. So, back at it. Why does not shedding a tear in public make you unemotional?

    CS had a hell of a smile when he got the sixth place to ensure the championship and probably did get emotional away from the public eye. Personally maybe I am a dead fish but I do not see why athletes (be they racers or whatever) need to get emotional in public in order to appear as though they enjoyed the moment/championship/win whatever.

    People react differently to different circumstances. Some will break down whilst others will just sit back, take it in and maybe when reality sinks in they will let themselves feel emotional about their achievement. But my point is (and it has been missed) that they do not need to display their emotions in public to be emotional.

    Besides which, doesn't CS (along with many others) wheelie across the line when they win. Is that not a show of emotion (yes it contradicts my earlier comments but lets define emotion)?

    To me, each person is different. Some will display their emotions publically whereas other prefer to keep their private. It is not for us to judge whether that is right or wrong.

    And by the way, I did read the article, twice actually and what he says is quoted as saying is 'They sold everything. I've actually read a few times that people think it's all just a big thing to get attention, and all this kind of stuff.'

    To me I do not read it as 'people think they are lying' but more that some do not like the publicity that he receives for the efforts (on other words, the upbringing is best left unsaid). If you read it is people believe that he may be lying, that is you prerogative but in all the forums that I have seen this article posted, your comment is the first alluding to people questioning the upbringing.

    Do you believe he is lying or even embellishing?

    Personally I do not, but then his is just one of a number of similar stories involving racers of different nationalities, different disciplines and different skills. What makes his so 'interesting' is that he has become a success and it is seen as a 'human interest' type of story until the next rider comes along.

  18. gco0307...To be strait with you I think the media have pumped his story up and so has Stoner I dont believe he's had it as hard as he makes out and when they sold EVERTHING Im sure there was a hell of a lot of booty in the bank ..Reason I say that is they where his sponsors and payed a lot of money to get him in the 250gp over all the other European sponsored riders they had to choose from ..MONEY TALK IN GP LAND you ever wonder why Checa was around so long SPONCERS money for the team..
    Thats why his story sound suss to me..
    And as I said above anger is emoition and he shows that just fine ..
  19. Disagree with you about the hardship side but I guess we will never know. But, he is not alone in facing those battles (was it Gardner who slept in a van in the UK) as there are many riders who would have had it as tough or tougher. But yes, I will agree that for me, I get tired of hearing about it (not that I think he pushes it, but the media) as many people come through adversities of different kinds to be champions

    As for the money talks, mate it may surprise you but you will get nothing but agreement from me that in order to get a ride, you need money to open the door. Unfortunately though (and this would be a discussion for another time I suspect) that is true for all motorsports from national levels up. The shame of this being the likelihood that there are many extremely talented people who just will not get the opportunity (for some however it is through their own fault).

    As for Checa, he ain't the only one (IMO) but he is a good example.

    EDIT: On the anger (I actually place it more as frustration) is emotion side, yep correct but it is only one emotion and each are different (as are people).

  20. Stoner parents had to pay good dollars to make him attractive for a GP ride that means they had to have something to do it and you cant use Gardener as an example they where very different times and the GP wasn't corporate driven in those days like it is now..
    And who else has had shit results for years but still has a great ride ..

    I agree there is a lot of telent without the money to get there..