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Stoner from P7!!!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by vaughan coburn, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Now which "expert" on this forum reckons that Stacey can win from grid 7?

    Remember that his name does not start with V.

  2. Do not forget...........same brand of tyre as the pole sitter!!
  3. I reckon he probably can.

    Let's see what happens in "warm-up"

    There will be stuff going on, that we don't know about.
  4. Hey Vaughan, protocol here is that when you are posting something about a race or race meeting that some folks might not want to know yet, you post
    in the title of the thread, ok :)??
  5. Paul, VC is simply posing a question. The spoiler thread is already running.
  6. fair point
  7. Qualifying practice was on a drying track surface. The six riders faster than Stoner all set their times after he set his. Stoner went out again but missed the end of the session, which is why he's 7th.

    Looking at the FP times, then unlike Rossi's previous charges through a pack where their practice times were typically 0.5-1.0s/lap slower than him, Stoner's dry FP times are surrounded by a cluster of riders all setting about the same pace.

    Passing is therefore expected to be difficult within the top 8. Assuming he finishes, I'd expect Stoner to be within the top 5, with any position better than that coming more down to luck/mistakes on the part of others.

    Morning warm-up will likely add more flavour to the analysis.
  8. Has anyone looked at the weather for Sunday, in Malaysia.
  9. Haven't looked at the weather but I gaurantee it will be hot, humid with a chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon.......it's Malaysia.
  10. It's Malaysia. That typically means:

    ~20C overnight
    ~33-35C during the day
    95-100% humidity
    Dry in the morning
    Bucketing thunderstorm at ~2pm, after which it'll be dry again from 3pm onwards

    I reckon that's about the forecast for every day of the year there.

  11. Well if she doesnt arrive in the first five on that rocket ship then she should give it away!!
  12. The 2 blokes who have dominated this season, will probably be at the pointy end of the field.
  13. The last 10mins the track was dry. He missed a last run by a few seconds. what cost him was missing that last run were undoubtedly he could have gone quicker. Apparently the grip from the qualifiers is so different from the normal race tyres that it takes 2 or 3 runs to get the best out of you and the bike.

    He lost valuable seconds debating with his crew about whether to run the qualifiers or soft race rubber. It's the same as with Rossi at PI where he missed a last chance at a better grid position when he was still trying to regain his composure after his accident.

    7th isn't the end of the World and the track is so wide and the straights long enough that I really don't think it will be the end of his race, if he has the outright pace.
  14. He will be up there, I reckon.
  15. Sensational ride by Casey. 7th to 6th......simply awesome!!!!
  16. Yo. Another dull(ish) motogp race - i was saying to my bro during the race that I can't remember the last time there was a fight for the race win on the last lap in a motogp race - certainly not this year. And to think they're killing off the 250's, which is where all the action is at the moment. :cry:
    here's hoping the control tyre might actually improve the competiveness and get some more bikes on the grid...
  17. Guess I don't have to watch it now ..cheers :roll:
  18. Not really, wasn't a particularly exciting race.

    Scrap for third added a bit of interest though.
  19. Yay VC, you were right.
  20. I fail to see how this was any great surprise. His practice times didn't indicate much of an expectation for anything better, just as I mentioned above.

    Congratulations on your prediction of the obvious becoming true. You're just so intelligent.