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Stoner fears his wrist injury will write-off his season.....

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. http://www.foxsports.com.au/story/0,,25068755-23770,00.html

    interesting article...I know there are many Stoner knockers on this site so enjoy!

    then again, grant denyer said he was a write off completely and he's racing again, so you never know...lol
  2. I feel its no more then early season mind games.
    Nothing a few Nurofins cant fix.
  3. Pretty harsh.
    Schafoid injuries can sometimes cause problems for years.
  4. That is harsh. I agree, scaphoid injuries are awful and sometimes never heal.

    But it doesn't help that he's percieved as a whiner and that' why they're going for him. If it was CV, CE or another rider they'd have a more sympathetic ear.

    Anyway, I'm sure CS doesn't give a rats arse what they thing. And if he does, just call the bank and ask for a balance request to cheer yourself up.
  5. I am certainly not a Casey supporter. I think he complains alot and his bike is so well tuned that it "helps" him ride so quick.


    I have no comment on the injury, I dont suffer this type of injury. It mayu well be he is under alot of pain and IF he is, then I do feel sympathetic about his situation. Is he winging, sure, wouldnt you if you were paid so much and may not be able to race competatively again.......

    So, fingers crossed he gets better.
  6. I have a similar injury from 23yrs ago. It still hurts and occasionally flares so badly I can't use the clutch.

    I empathise with CS.
  7. after just going through one now, and i would love to see a shot of his xray but i know what mine looks like and every doc i have had that has looked at it says it's barely a fracture, and i know how little strength/movement i have......i reckon he is a farker nutter even hoping to line up and be competitive :shock:
  8. they must have taken some heat, they posted a retraction/explanation (sort of)

    all told i kind of agree with some of it, assuming the Aussie thing is some soft of sideways complement...
  9. When on other sites, try using your mouse in your left hand. It takes a little practice, but you should be able to relieve some of the RSI by making your right hand do the hard work some times.
  10. Fantastic post Skuff :)
  11. Thanks Bud. Appreciate the positive feedback. :)
  12. I've broken my wrist up. Admittedly not the scaphoid, but I know the sort of pain he's going through at the three month mark with post-op swelling and healing. First time I got back on a bike after the broken wrist some 14 weeks after the operation and it honestly excruciating mind-blocking pain when I had to brake hard. The pain was exquisite.

    The good news is that if the bone is healed then riding it hard and pushing it will actually make it better. My wrist hurt for a good six months after the op, and then still ached after a good ride. Started going to the gym and doing weights with it, and while it hurt initially, the more I pushed and lifted, the less it hurt afterwards and after riding.

    Now it's a case of if it's hurting, then that means that I haven't been exercising it enough, and it's straight back to pushing weights, and voila, it comes good.

    Yes, it's going to be a life-long nagging injury, but the point remains that the human body likes to be worked through pain and responds to it.

    Casey should be glad that it hurts a bit now. It'll get better quicker than he thinks the more he pushes it.
  13. :LOL: :LOL: Yeah, sorry, should be working.

    I do actually do what you suggest. Some PC's are LH mouse, so are RH mouse. But that's a shoulder RSI from years of poor posture, not the wrist.

    Anyway, wrist injuries hurt like fcuk.
  14. Hey Flux.

    You have me thinking mate (as you always do) about an injury I experienced 10 years ago this coming October.

    Getting to the point - sevear lower back injury - fused discs and significant tissue/muscle damage. Well, I still have swelling on the right side of my lower back. Pain was not all that bad to be honest..... BUT, it is now starting to hurt and it feels as though there is a solid lump of "something" in that spot..... It is now getting uncomfortable. Other parts that were also injured are now also getting uncomfortable. Docs said swelling can take 3 months to 12 months to subside.........Now, I dont complain about the pain - it is what it is and its my fault - actually the bikes but that is another story....... Need to get this checked.

    To my point..... If I were racing professionally, it would never have had the time to heal.... i would always be using it.... always under strain and no doubt would never really heal....... So, this is the plight of people like Casey...... It will never really heal will it...... So, yeah, I do feel for the guy.

    Now, I need to get my injury looked at..... 10 years on (almost) and it getting worse.......might be time for a Harley.
  15. I broke a scaphoid about 8 years ago, and I still get grief from it to this day. At the end of a long day riding, I barely have the strength left to pull in the clutch lever. I took me around 18 months before I could bear the pain so I could do pushups. And I still get a massive jolt of random pain when doing up or undoing hose couplings at work. All from a pi$$ant tiny little bone in your wrist.

    I am expecting it to get worse as I age as well...
  16. The scaphoid has ruined many Racing Careers, over the years.

    Casey is fortunate that it is his left one.
  17. Yeah, that's a bastard of an injury.

    Stacey is still a c0ck though. :)
  18. He might be a good Ranga, away from the spotlight.
  19. but, for goodness, sake, Sheene raced again just six weeks after he was nearly killed at Daytona, and again after his Silverstone 'off', and Doohan had successful surgery on his many broken bones nearly 20 years ago....

    Casey can afford the brightest and best of medical treatment; this is surely a smokescreen.....
  20. Paul, you have no idea how much this pains me to support Casey, but each injury is different. If the pain is that intense, then not being able to support yourself in braking areas is dangerous.

    But so many riders have raced with worse....