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Stoner *congrats*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Casey Stoner has just been announced as young Australian of the year.

  2. I second the motion; a better role model than over-rated films stars :).

    And country singer Lee Kernaghan has been named Australian of the Year, also a good aussie!
  3. I think Stoner deserves to be Motogp champion but not Young Australian of the year. Surely some young aussies are doing things in medical or humanitarian fields so we shouldn't give these awards to sports stars.
    Now before I get lynched, remember it's only an opinion. Opinion are like assholes. :grin:
  4. It wouldn't happen, but perhaps Casey's folks for AustralianS of the year, with the sacrifices they have made to propel him to the top.

    Sportsmen and women usually win these things; the committee is damned if it chooses them and damned if it doesn't....
  5. I totally agree with your opinion! Sportsman of the year or something like that maybe. Wasn't Steve Waugh Australian of the year not long ago? What about all the fathers you see on ACA who's partners have passed away leaving single income, 5 kids, mortgage etc, and he works like a dog to provide for his family and keeps them together. HE deserves it more than some singer or guy who just happened to be able to hit a cricket ball.

    The entire awards have no merit imho.
  6. Casey's parents rock. I wish I could swap mine for his.
    Should have parents of the year but they would have to have won that in the early days of Casey's career. He's doing it all on his own merits these days and I think the first thing he would have done is given them back every cent.

    Casey does deserve racer of the year though.
  7. Lee Kernaghan does alot of good for the people of the bush and gives up his time and wants to make Australia a better place and is a good choice . :grin:

    Casey rides his Italian motor bike around and around in circles realy fast . ..... Sorry I just don't get it. :?
    On my list he wound lucky to be number 5. :oops:

    Here is the list of nominees.

    NSW - Casey Stoner - World MotoGP champion (Tamworth)
    VIC - Daniel Adams - Poverty fighter (South Melbourne)
    QLD - Lars Olsen - Orphans' champion (Hervey Bay)
    SA - Niki Vasilakis - Musician (Semaphore Park)
    WA - Simone McMahon - Organ donor advocate (Cloverdale)
    TAS - Robyn McKinnon - Youth mentor (Longford)
    ACT - Xian-Zhi Soon - High achiever (Acton)
    NT - Simone Liddy - Groundbreaker (Nakkara)

  8. Kernaghan named Australian of the Year WTF!!!!
    Im glad heath ledger is not here to see this!!
  9. We have that stupid "girt by sea" song, so we deserve stupid awards.
  10. Apparently everyone who isnt famous, or a celebrity of some kinda, dont do anything for the greater good. :(

    Wasnt Koshi voted father of the year or something a lil while back? Id like to take a punt that there are thousands of better fathers out there. But I guess its irrelevant as theyre not celebs...