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N/A | National Stoner another test with 888

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Dylan05, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. This might make me start watching the V8's again

    That and the introduction of the new cars
  2. only 1.5 seconds of the pace second time in v8 first time in the real supercar, move over Whincup, He'll probably start his own team too
  3. Hopefully he will be in the AMG because that thing is going to domimate and make the taxis obselete.
  4. lol not to many yellow fords racing is there
  5. Stoner Racing has a good ring to it
  6. maybe stone brothers might try for a deal
  7. Do you have any understanding of the current or new V8SC platforms or was that comment just based on your opinion of the different brands production cars?
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  8. Overpriced German taxis, big deal lol.............
  9. Go back to production based and ill watch it.

    All cars are the same except the tin body (still significantly the same) and the paint

    I remember one of the teams last year literally changed a handfull of the sheet metal parts. And the falcon from the year before became a commodore.
    They showed it on the pre race
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  10. That they did but the engines are different. The Nissan will use a modified production Nissan V8 and the Mercs will use an AMG V8.
  11. That will still be restricted to "comparable power". I;d bet it won;t be long until the Ford Coyote and whatever comparable Chev engine there is are soon in the cars.
    Seriously, if any of these new cars has any advantage from a new engine that will soon be kicked in the butt. Roland Dane will be the first to whinge. It's a "formula" category with an illusion and has been for ages (I still follow it though).
    For those that prefer a Production based category or a more traditional V8 category get out and support them. These categories exist!
  12. yep the brutes.....
    much more entertaining racing,
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  13. I can definitely see the appeal in production-based racing, but you have to admit the V8 formula is healthy when the entire field can qualify within one second (at some tracks). That is just unheard of in any other category (except maybe karting).

    The closeness of the competition makes it interesting. Admittedly it has been boring with Triple 8 so dominant in recent seasons, but there has been the odd dark horse to keep them honest.

    Next year is much more exciting with the new cars, extra manufacturers and the prospect of seeing Casey Stoner rise through the ranks.
  14. We all know in V8s the team and the driver are more important than the make, much the same as Moto2.

    Also like Moto2, it's interesting to watch but because it's not cutting edge, big bucks factory prototype racing nor is it race on Sunday production based, it's kind of missing something. I enjoy it for the spectacle but it's hard to be passionate about it.

    In any case, I hope Stoner gives them a run for their money. I agree with gongrider that it'll make it more interesting (for me at least).
  15. i know people that race in the V8 main game & the development series. A couple of them are good friends & i've know them since they were 8 years old.

    These guys spend YEARS working their way up from racing go karts, to aussie cars, to formula ford, to dunlop series, and Stoner's going to rock up to Triple 8 with a wad of cash & Red Bull as a sponsor & buy his way in and take the place of some young kid who's been working his whole life to race supercars.

    no, it doesn't make me 'unaustralian' to not support Stoner in the V8's as some people have told me - the guys i DO support are Australian. I just prefer to support people that i know have put their whole lives in to racing cars rather than someone who spend their whole life racing bikes then changed their mind.
  16. I hear what you're saying edgelett but racing has never been about fairness, patiently waiting in line for your turn or respect for youthful aspirations. Otherwise Lowndes would be in F1 now. Stoner's in his mid twenties, plenty of time to mature into top driver and he has money and he has a reputation so he brings something to the table - good on him I say.
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  17. If he's got the talent and the backing behind why wait? if anyone else had the same talent and cash would you wait around, i wouldn't
  18. I hope he does better than Wayne Gardner and doesn't have the same fate as Gregg Hansford.

    Interesting that Troy Bayliss did 2 races and gave it away as a bad joke.
  19. The problem is the cars are so much the same, they are the same everywhere on the track. This makes for close, but very boring racing.

    They had the opportunity with the new formula to make cars with similar laptime, but different strengths and weaknesses. Instead they chose to opt for making them even more the same.

    The AMG will have no advantage or disadvantage over the other cars. If any "make" looks any more competitive than the others, adjustments will be made.

    This formula is about marketing, not motor racing. I'd like to see channel 10 start broadcasting production car racing again. I think it wouldn't be long before it has a reasonable following, given decent exposure.