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N/A | National Stoner and Ducati

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by kneedragon, Jan 31, 2016.

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    Stoner: “I didn’t expect to be comfortable so fast”

    First day back at Ducati and it seems to be going reasonably well... Now what can we do to prod him in the right direction?

    Now, just to put things in context, this is taken from a story just on a year ago.
    "Movistar Yamaha's Valentino Rossi said world champion Marc Marquez's stunning lap on the final day of the Sepang test didn't come as a huge surprise given the Repsol Honda rider's renowned qualifying power.

    Marquez set the fastest ever lap at the Malaysian track in 1m 58.867s on the RC213V to end the test on top and Rossi, who managed his own personal best Sepang lap in 1m 59.401s to finish fourth fastest, tipped his hat to the reigning champion.

    “Today have a very good condition for everybody. But going 1m 58.8, I think he is the first one to go 1'58, and you know, to say it is a surprise from Marquez is not true,” he said.

    “We know he is very good in that lap, so it is impressive, and is also impressive the 1m 59.0 from [Dani] Pedrosa. So I think that Pedrosa this year will be more strong than in last season. "


    One or two things I should point out. That laptime by M&M is the record, the fastest anybody has ever gone there. It's not a lap record, because it didn't happen in a race, or in qualifying. It happened at pre season testing, with time to fiddle and tune and try stuff. And it happened with a bike he was familiar with, on Bridgestone tyres and with full factory+ traction control. And I think it happened after several days of testing, once the track was fully "rubbered in." Does that explain 3.5 sec? Pretty well, yes. It was only Casey's first day, not the last. And this bike is very different to the last Ducati he was riding.

    As a first day back at work, it's a better effort than I would have done.
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  2. Shit yeah!!! Go Casey!!

    Would so much love to see him riding Ducatis in the big league again.
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    We can only hope.

    From the Malaysia 2015 qualifying results for comparison:

    6.Andrea Iannone ITA Ducati Team (Desmosedici GP15)2m 0.224s +1.171s[2/8]338km/h
    7.Andrea Dovizioso ITA Ducati Team (Desmosedici GP15)2m 0.423s +1.370s[2/5]331km/h

    With Casey helping to develop the bike, will they end up with a bike that only he can ride fast? He is a unique talent.
  4. "Stoner – who was coy on the subject of making a wild-card race outing for the team during 2016 – also said he was happy with his lap times, but that he had no real targets beyond helping Ducati to become more competitive."

    To wildcard or not to wildcard, that is the question?
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  5. So they painted the bike in his old number and he has a brand new set of leathers but he's just doing testing??? Yeah, rriggghhttt.....
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  6. So who gets dumped if he goes back, Dovi or Crazy Joe???? Surely Andrea is the lead rider, or would Casey become the lead rider???
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    End first day regular testing, Jorge Lorenzo set a blinder, but M&M a little slow to get into things. Casey's lap from the private test was fractionally faster than M&M's lap from the first day of open testing.

    Soup :: World Champ Lorenzo Fastest At Day One @ Sepang MotoGP Test :: 02-01-2016

    Marquez a hell of a lot slower than he was a year ago... It is still the first day, and that record was set on last day, so... and different tyres and different electronics and everything...

    [edit] I know that I prattle on about this, so skip if you like, but different riders with different styles... Rainey, Schwantz, Lawson, Gardner, Doohan, were all old dirt track riders. Their whole approach was to find and then camp on the limit of rear grip from the apex to the exit, and centre everything around corner exit speed. If you tried to ride a 500 like a 250, it would fling you. It took Rossi a little while to learn that, despite Mick and Jeremy telling him. Max Biaggi never did learn it. Then we got Bridgestones, which have a less forgiving rear tyre but a better front. So gradually you got a generation of riders come in who could ride a motoGP bike much the way a 250 used to work. The best example perhaps, is Marquez. So, now we have slightly simpler and cheaper electronics, and we're going back to Michelins. Who are going to be the winners and who are going to be the losers? Remains to be seen...

    I am a bit surprised Jorge is so fast. I had put Jorge down as the bloke most likely to be slapped around by the changes, I am slightly surprised to see him head and shoulders fastest...

    M&M ... mostly I think Marc just hasn't pulled his finger out and had serious go yet... There are no championship points for test times, and you can't win a world championship on the first day of pre-season testing, but you can lose one...
  8. I thought the opposite.

    I figured with the lack of feel in the front with the new tyres that the smoother riding style of Jorge would benefit, with the guys like MM who rely so heavily on front grip being disadvantaged the most. I honestly think we'll see Jorge win another title this year.....I hope so, I like him.

    Bah what am I saying....MotoGP riders, all of them, turn me back into a 10 year old groupie. Its the combination of the stupid size testicles with a godlike skill set that makes me forget how old I am.

    If Stoner makes a return I'll be giddy as a school girl.
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  9. The one I suspected would get the greatest benefit, is old man Rossi. He has won a world championship on a 500, with no TC and on Michelin tyres. He knows what he has to do better than any of the young-uns...
  10. Well that's certainly true.

    Can't wait for the racing to start. The big road trip to Phillip Island is still on the cards for me this year.
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  11. I read somewhere that rain interrupted some of the testing - so it may just be that some riders did not get a chance to go flat out in the dry like Jorge.
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  12. nocookies

    An article on the second day of testing at Sepang. Loris Baz crashes at 290km/h.
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    And unlike most of the other Ducati punters, the bike Casey is riding is a GP14. It's over a year old...
    It is the Aluminium twin spar frame, but it's a very early version of it. I think the idea is to get him up to speed on a slightly cheaper old bike, and also to get him current on what the line of development has been over the last 2 or 3 years. I am not clear on whether this is Casey's idea or Ducatis... He seems happy enough.

    "10:06 UK Time Casey Stoner was 9th quickest today (+1.008s) and having gone one-second quicker than on Saturday."

    Times were starting to drop and people were starting to go and have a try on the soft tyre, but then Baz had a huge one, and they have pulled the soft compound until they know what happened to Lorris. The tyre is toast but whether that happened because of the crash, or caused it is unclear...

    "Petrucci stays fastest thanks to early lap - almost certainly on soft rear - followed by Lorenzo (+0.060s), Barbera (+0.292s), Marquez (++0.748s), Crutchlow (+0.804s) and Rossi (+0.926s). After Baz's accident only the hard rear tyre was available for the rest of the day. Full times to follow."
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    1. = Danilo Petrucci ITA Octo Pramac Yakhnich (Desmosedici GP15)2m 0.095s [Lap 9/46]
    2. ˄ Jorge Lorenzo ESP Movistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)2m 0.155s +0.060s[31/32]
    3. ˅ Hector Barbera ESP Avintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14.2)2m 0.387s +0.292s[6/32]
    4. = Marc Marquez ESP Repsol Honda Team (RC213V)2m 0.843s +0.748s[5/52]
    5. ˄ Cal Crutchlow GBR LCR Honda (RC213V)2m 0.899s +0.804s[53/55]
    6. ˄ Valentino Rossi ITA Movistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)2m 1.021s +0.926s[47/54]
    7. ˅ Scott Redding GBR Octo Pramac Yakhnich (Desmosedici GP15)2m 1.049s +0.954s[3/42]
    8. ˅ Andrea Iannone ITA Ducati Team (Desmosedici GP15/16)2m 1.052s +0.957s[9/39]
    9. ˄ Casey Stoner AUS Ducati Test Rider (Desmosedici GP15)2m 1.103s +1.008s[37/45]
    10. ˄ Bradley Smith GBR Monster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)2m 1.107s +1.012s[58/59]
    11. ˅ Maverick Viñales ESP Team Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)2m 1.421s +1.326s[4/59]
    12. ˅ Dani Pedrosa ESP Repsol Honda Team (RC213V)2m 1.475s +1.380s[4/36]
    13. ˅ Yonny Hernandez COL Aspar MotoGP Team (Desmosedici GP14.2)2m 1.644s +1.549s[7/41]
    14. ˅ Andrea Dovizioso ITA Ducati Team (Desmosedici GP15/16)2m 1.723s +1.628s[12/35]
    15. ˅ Pol Espargaro ESP Monster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)2m 1.992s +1.897s[6/32]
    16. ˄ Aleix Espargaro ESP Team Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)2m 2.092s +1.997s[34/39]
    17. ˅ Tito Rabat ESP Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS (RC213V)*2m 2.328s +2.233s[5/54]
    18. ˅ Stefan Bradl GER Factory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)2m 2.372s +2.277s[4/45]
    19. ˅ Loris Baz FRA Avintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14.2)2m 2.611s +2.516s[12/26]
    20. ˅ Katsuyuki Nakasuga JPN Yamaha Test Rider (YZR-M1)2m 2.691s +2.596s[35/43]
    21. = Alvaro Bautista ESP Factory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)2m 2.876s +2.781s[4/52]

    Ok, I was wrong. Crash say Stoner was on a GP 15, but so was Danilo Petrucci, and Hector Barbera was on a 14.2... I think ... people are testing, not going all out for the fastest lap they can do. I think I would take these times with a fair old pinch of salt, I would not read these as a true test of how fast any of these bikes will be when the season gets under way. For a start, Rossi is going about a second slower than Lorenzo...

    Remember, on the final day here a year ago, M&M turned in a 1:58.8 ... he didn't win the championship though...
  15. Please let me know where I can subscribe to your weekly MotoGP newsletter.... :)

    Good info there.

    I was watching some of Casey yesterday and I agree that we need to chill a bit and remember this is testing. I only saw a handful of corners from Stoner and he looked very unsettled through the corner, very much like they were trying something for.....testing.

    I like Baz's tweet after the crashing thanking Alpinestars. Nice bit of advertising there that's for sure.
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    You've found it. I may also start one about WSBK, we have an Aussie back in that one. He just won the BSBK in England, on an R1, and now he's having a go at the WSBK on a BMW. Same team, same mechanics, same sponsors, they've just moved up a class.

    Footage of Casey riding, yeah, I saw that. It did look very sketchy... I must add, Casey had a season on a satellite honda 990, on Michelins, and he fell off a lot. But he did go faster than anybody thought that bike could possibly go, and he did learn more about saving a loose front end then anybody up til that point, and the experience helped him in '07 when he got on an 800 Ducati, which also had a slightly wayward front end. Casey probably does a better job than any rider in the world on a lose and sketchy front end. And the footage we saw is of a GP15, not the latest version...
  17. It would be great to Have Stoner back in the race, but what are the chances? It seems like he is content to do this gig part time.

    What I haven't seen yet, are the circumstances for the switch of manufacturer. Did his Honda contract simply run out, or was the mechanical problem last race that nearly killed him make him walk away from Honda?
  18. Bj, I don't quite get it myself, but apparently when Casey retired, part of what he hoped to do was fill in if needed, come back for 3 races (let's say), if one of the factory riders broke a leg. Now Danni Pedrosa had to take time off because of arm pump, which required surgery, pretty much exactly what Casey had anticipated. So he held up his hand and the Honda brass said "No." Now they were quite happy to make that agreement, and write it into Casey's contract, but when it came time... Casey is of the opinion that Marc Marquez had a dummy spit about it, didn't want some deadshit Australian anywhere near his shed... So, the contract was due to come up for renewal at the end of last year, and Casey did not re-sign it. He went back and had some talks with his old team at Ducati.

    Casey walked away from all this, and said he loved riding the bikes and usually quite liked racing them, but all the other sh1t that goes with it is a bit hard to take. The politics... That and the fact he had a baby girl, and he wanted to be there and watch her in the first year, not traipse around airports all year. And not end up dead or in a wheelchair either...

    But he does seem to waver slightly on the idea that he pulled the plug on it all a year or two too soon, and we're all hoping like hell that he comes back.
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  19. From the good people at Kropotkin, Mr Emmet and crew.

    The sun came out at around 4pm at Sepang, and quickly dried off the rain which had fallen throughout the early afternoon. The track dried, and most of the field took to the track again, everyone chasing a fast lap.

    Jorge Lorenzo ended the day fastest, the only rider to get under the two minute mark, and ending the test nearly a second quicker than his teammate Valentino Rossi. The Hondas made an improvement, Marc Marquez leapfrogging over Cal Crutchlow to take third, the LCR Honda rider dropping to fourth ahead of Casey Stoner. Stoner was the fastest of the Ducatis, with Danilo Petrucci in seventh and Andrea Iannone in eighth.

    Times at the end of the day at Sepang:

    Pos No Rider Bike Time Diff Prev
    1 99 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha M1 1:59.580
    2 46 Valentino Rossi Yamaha M1 2:00.556 0.976 0.976
    3 93 Marc Márquez Honda RC213V 2:00.883 1.303 0.327
    4 35 Cal Crutchlow Honda RC213V 2:00.992 1.412 0.109

    5 27 Casey Stoner Ducati GP15 Test 2:01.070 1.490 0.078
    6 26 Dani Pedrosa Honda RC213V 2:01.161 1.581 0.091
    7 9 Danilo Petrucci Ducati GP15 2:01.217 1.637 0.056
    8 29 Andrea Iannone Ducati GP16 2:01.223 1.643 0.006
    9 45 Scott Redding Ducati GP15 2:01.229 1.649 0.006
    10 25 Maverick Viñales Suzuki GSX-RR 2:01.244 1.664 0.015
    11 8 Hector Barbera Ducati GP14.2 2:01.434 1.854 0.190
    12 41 Aleix Espargaro Suzuki GSX-RR 2:01.623 2.043 0.189
    13 4 Andrea Dovizioso Ducati GP16 2:01.675 2.095 0.052
    14 68 Yonny Hernandez Ducati GP14.2 2:01.774 2.194 0.099
    15 44 Pol Espargaro Yamaha M1 2:01.870 2.290 0.096
    16 38 Bradley Smith Yamaha M1 2:01.918 2.338 0.048
    17 76 Loris Baz Ducati GP14.2 2:02.541 2.961 0.623
    18 6 Stefan Bradl Aprilia RS-GP 2:02.792 3.212 0.251
    19 21 Katsuyuki Nakasuga Yamaha M1 Test 2:02.940 3.360 0.148
    20 53 Tito Rabat Honda RC213V 2:03.012 3.432 0.072
    21 19 Alvaro Bautista Aprilia RS-GP 2:03.183 3.603 0.171
    22 50 Eugene Laverty Ducati GP14.2 2:03.519 3.939 0.336

    Note the bikes. Stoner is now on a "GP15 Test." Dovi and Iannoni are both on GP16s...
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