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Stoned Triumph Cruiser report, Westgate fwy 6ish last night

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Yesterday, after watching the GP at a mates place, our trio were riding home to Melbourne's West. The monash freeway was fairly heavy with Bikes and cars. I was TEC. We popped out of the tunnel at 6:15ish.

    We're in the left hand lane and just after the montague street bridge, I notice a single headlight in my rears moving around all over the lane. It didn't seem to be creeping up on me.

    10 seconds later the headlight is gone. I noticed that we'd crept up on some congestion and decided to do the same as the other two and switch lanes. I figured the bike behind me had done the same... so I do my head check and f.uck me if the there's not a triumph cruiser sitting in my blind spot.

    He doesn't head check, splits me then meanders over into the next lane. Why the f.uck did he split before changing lanes? He had plenty of space in the next lane?!?!

    I pull in behind him... now he seems to have lined up the 2nd bike of our trio, my GF on her 250Virago.... I'm getting a bit concerned as he gains and then splits past her!

    Now he lines up Jake who's leading on his viffer... and f.uck me, he splits Jake! I think by the body language, Jake was less than impressed! Then this guy meanders over into the next lane, without indicating or headchecking... right into the path of an R1!

    This triumph guy was dangerous! Thankfully for us, he dissapeared ahead into the traffic...

    Anyways, after the Westgate bridge, we part company with Jake and take the exit... ahead I notice a cruiser at the lights. F.uck me, it's the triumph cruiser.

    So I pull up beside him and have a few choice words with this lamo, and I swear, his lights weren't on and there was definitely no one home. He looked "thru" me and barely recognised what I was saying. This guy looked stoned, or at the very least, majorly tired and vagued out.

    Either way, he shouldn't have been on a bike.

    If anyone knows this guy and he made it home safe, be sure that it was by pure luck. Be sure too, that this guy needs a major attitude correction.

    Anyone else see this road hazard?

    [Mods: this isn't quite road hazard reporting, so I thought it was best in general. Please move if required]
  2. While I can understand getting angry when people do stupid things that put you at risk, I console myself with the fact that the person concerned will kill themselves sooner or later. Like the link in your signature, these idiots will be the statistics that we can hopefully avoid by being smarter.
  3. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

    Rob, it might be that this guy had come back from the gp and was both stoned AND tired.

    It's easier to get a beer than a soft drink (the queues were less). There's no way all those pissed people were camping and most people will be riding home that night. And I'm sure that after looking at the state of some of them, they had absolutely no idea there was a race on!
  4. Too right Ozego... but I don't want anyone to become a stat...

    Cejay, that was my guess too...
  5. I like "Natural Selection", eventually all the people that are too paranoid to ride bikes wont ride bikes and their kids will be less likely to ride. Those who are idiots on the bikes will eventually remove themselves from the gene pool hopefully before they get the chance to breed, and thus all that remains is the smart sensible rider who will have many kids and will bring them up to ride properly!

    In many generations to come, there will be SuperHuman bike riders who will only be able to ride the fastest and most kick ass bikes on the planet, everyone else will worship them as gods
  6. Rossi?? Sete?? Stoner?? Bow down all who come before the majesty of the Gods.
  7. Are you sure that it wasn't a Harley?
  8. Scooter, you're an idiot! :p
  9. Typical Rossi wannabee can't tell the difference! :p :p
  10. "less than impressed" is an understatement Rob. If I wasn't thinking "saftey first, keep an eye on Dimi" that prick would have copped a wake up call upside his friken head. I had to swerve as this moron passes me on the right in my lane and I'm already only about a foot and half from the white line.

    Glad you had a word with him but it probably didn't register with Captain Floating Cloud.

    I'd rather it was a Harley rider (I do not include accountants and those that spend as much cash in the Harley clothes and accessories catalogue and Join HOG to be bad ass in this group :LOL: ), those blokes give you room as they blast past (most have to, their bars are 6-foot across :grin: ).