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Stoned or pissed Mildura police officer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Even though the people in the van look a bit how you going also, the copper is the main part to this story, wow, just wow

  2. What am I missing?
  3. ...I don't see how it is considered police harassment though. He was doing his job...although more on a chirpy side (on something or not). He did look sleepy though and to be honest, can't tell from his eyes if he is high on life.
  4. All I see is a country cop. We breed 'em different in these parts.
  5. Seemed high as a kite to me.

    Though if more cops were like that you could probably get out of any ticket by offering them some chips.
  6. Couldn't have been high, didnt eat the license. Just a country boy I reckon.
  7. Don't see any problem with the cop, friendly guy.

    Met a few like that on my rides in the country. Best thing to do when they pull you over is start getting out your license before they get to your car/bike. Starts the conversation off really good when they don't ask you three times to see you license.
  8. I can not believe how insane that video was.

    The copper was probably coming off night shift, coming off overtime and a quick changeover so that why he looked tired and was just playing up to the camera. Couldn't see any harassment myself either.
  9. Dunno. He did say at the end it was a joke, then the dude said they were laughing in the van. Seems like a little bit of super bad hehehe
  10. Everyone else's facial expression in the van is like "will the camera man just stfu?"
  11. Considering he had a camera in his face, I think he seemed quite friendly and restrained. Not sure if I would react like that under those circumstances. I think the passengers in the van looked worse :)
  12. look this twat up on youtube, the driver of the van is a serial pest known to Mildura Police .... also known to the backpackers hotels in Mildura as a bloke who isn't adverse to ripping off backpackers as cheap labour.
  13. I reckon it's fcuken funny
  14. Cop seemed very restrained, and was probably debating tazing the driver or spraying him with capsicum spray. He was imho having a giggle at this twat. The guys in the van looked embarrassed at the driver's antics. good on the cop for keeping a sense of humour.
  15. I love the backpacker in the back, "I don't see anything". What an idiot. You can obviously tell that the copper has dealt with that bloke before.
  16. Stoned for sure, the way he slurs his words and blinks often when he is asking for the breatho quickly, and then his full on instant poker face when asked if he is stoned. As for the guys in the van it looks like they were all asleep or something, who knows, but yeah they looked a bit dodge and stoned themselves.
  17. I reckon the cop made a rookie mistake. When the giggling guy in a pink Floyd t-short invites you in for tea and a biscuit it's not a good idea.
  18. OK heres the man himself