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"STONE" on Sat'dee night

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Yep that's right ..
    One of the best if not the best Aussie motorcycle movie ever is on Sat'dee night on ABC2 @ 10:10pm ..

    Nothing else needs saying accept ...

    wack on ya flannels
    grab a longneck
    comb ya mullet
    and enjoy the show

  2. Nice spot, nobby. I've had my eye out for a copy for months. Still not seen it.
  3. got my copy off ebay a couple of years ago
  4. It was rubbish when I saw it when it first came out in the early '70s, and it's still rubbish now folks.

    Bunch 'er druggies hardly give motorcyclists a good name - and we wonder why we have such a bad image. :nopity:
  5. Sorry Farquar, I don't agree. Sure the dialog is cringing, the acting is wooden, but if you see it in its uncut version it had things to say about community, honour and group codes of behaviour. The final scene is one that has stayed in my mind since I first saw the uncut version. Unfortunately many versions shown on TV had that scene entirely cut which places an entirely different slant on the film and makes it void of drama.

    You don't have to agree with any of the groups involved or wish to adopt it as a lifestyle. The power of the movie is that you end up not agreeing with any of the parties.
  6. "Stone" gave us a bad image !!!.......... are you for real? .. what gives us a bad image is the stupidity of the few!

    and unforunately the "few" are taking becoming "many"
  7. i like this piece of commentary from http://www.blackmax.com.au/Biker_movie_reviews.php
    I called "hey Sandy, take the trip" as we rode past, "your livin it man, your livin it!" came the reply, Yep, what a f..kn trip its been. If you don't own "Stone" then sell your bike, your a loser.
    here's some media articles on tonights movie from the Sydney Morning Herald;
    1/ STONE. Screening on ABC 2 Saturday 7 August at 10.10pm EST
    Download pdf of review by Doug Anderson http://takethetripagain.com/media.html

    2/ video link on SMH;
  8. I remember seeing it at frenches forrest drive inn.Then on telly for the 25th anniversary a few years back.
  9. I've never seen it, despite riding when it was current .....
  10. CJFR, what's the scene you're referring to?

    I'm watching it now and whenever Stone is on-screen I get distracted by how much he looks like Parramatta great Peter Sterling:

  11. Just watched it. F*ckin ridiculous! Loved every minute of it. Bad acting. Gratuitous tit shots. Silly bikini fairings on the bikes. I'm only disappointed by the fact a drummer didn't die at the end of every scene...
  12. O that poor Policeman,those horrible biker's made him speed,shocking.I would love to see someone ride a Norton hard wearing a full white suit,the result of that would be ridiculous.
    Seen it many times and it still makes me smile,some of the posts here remind me of the very early days of Two Wheels,stupid attempts to sanitise the lifestyle.I hate to break this news but there is an element of the rebel that is always associated with riding and thats what attracted me 40 years ago.Love the road race around Nutral Bay,hard to do that these days.
  13. Basically it is the last scene where he is beaten to a pulp. It says that despite him saving their lives he did it at the expense of breaking the group code and that there are consequences. He stops his girlfriend from calling the police because he understands the nature of the code even if his professional duty forces him to break it. It shows that the decisions of duty are not always the right ones.
  14. cjvfr, I reckon you're bang on the money. Stone'd make no sense at all without the final scene.

    While not trying to read too much into it, the fact its got a real structure, genre-wise, redeems what would otherwise be just another shitty, cartoonish, B-grade flick (albeit one that wins in terms of being so bad it's good). From this angle, is a proper tragedy, despite all the comic bits. Stone (the bloke) is caught between two laws - the law of the land and the law of the club. Basically, he's f*cked either way, and this is the right and proper order of things. It might not be Shakespeare, but the blokes who wrote the screenplay knew what they doing, even if none of the people in it can act to save themselves.

    What's confronting - and probably why the television stations used to cut the ending - is not the violence per se, but the fact that the violence is morally ambivalent. I guess this is one of the reasons people love it so much. At least this makes it better than the preachy "bad guys getting their just desserts" bullshit Hollywood tries to feed us all the time.
  15. I'd like to get hold of the original cut (126 mins).
    There are various scenes that I remember from when it first came out that have disappeared in my copy and the show last night (98min version).
  16. Yeah, that's the only version I've seen - I thought it was nicely done. It wouldn't work without it!
  17. Grouse - went to watch it last night. I got Ch1, ChGO etc but no ABC2. Sod it - have to go to mate's property as he recorded on HDD.

    To think I was angry enough after Cats succumbed to rabid Pies and I had smug McGuires dial etched in my brain....
  18. my fav quote;
    "When you are on a bike, a big bike, you've got all this power, it's the greatest feeling in the world".
  19. So what is this final scene people are going on about cause on the tv the final scene was when the diggers bashed stone and he was there lying in blood and his girlfriend was trying to call the inspector.
  20. RasmeN, that is the final scene (at least I'm pretty sure it is from what's been said here). Apparently, they used to chop it out. But it sounds like, from what revhead998 said that there's heaps of extra footage in the Director's cut. Prob. what we got last night was the original commercial edit that went to screen in '74, but someone will correct me if I'm wrong. I only saw it last night for the first time myself...