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Stone on ABC2 starting in 10 minutes

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by munecito, May 28, 2011.

  1. Just that

  2. Just saw this. Cheers.
  3. Wow - now that one is worth watching. Best - coolest - biker funeral ever filmed.

    "So why do you ride, Midnight?"
    "Well ... once you've ridden a big bike, and you've ridden it fast, and I mean really fast, then ... as long as you live, you just don't ever want to do anything else!"

    Fuck - yeah!
  4. I've finally seen it. I was so tired I had to watch it with one eye closed but now I've seen it.

    ...ok half seen it. Top film.
  5. TBH I thought it was a bit shit with a few good bits.
  6. I agree PatB. Ive seen it a couple of times and think its pretty average. I always watch it though forgetting how crap I think it is and end up turning it over half way through.
    However I think the scene where they are heading to the funeral riding along the freeway with the coffin at the front is brilliant. Its a shame that the funeral then contains one of the cheesiest lines in australian film:
    "the reason we are burying you standing up is so you dont have to take anything from the evil one lying down". How they delivered this with a straight face is beyond me.
  7. .... I must have missed the good bits!!....:D

    It's a "classic"... but I am yet to work out a classic what??....lol. Saw it years ago and lol'd.... Man!!
  8. That's 'cos (AFAIK) the procession shots used real bikers. ISTR the credits acknowledging that. Another of the good bits is when the rival gang turns up. Again, mostly real local bikers pulled in as extras. Deadman might know more about it, given his age and background.

    And some of the riding shots are pretty good.

    However, I've got a Jarrah table that's less wooden than the acting and the dialogue is never better than corny cheese.
  9. The stories behind the making of the film are interesting. A number of motorcycle suppliers was approached to supply the bikes, all refused except Kwaka, and a few brand new kwaka 900's were never seen since. :)