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Stone damaged fork - cant get a seal

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by davway, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. Had a leaking left fork seal (left: sitting on bike) replaced it thinking it was from a worn rubber seal.
    was told and shown that it was infact from the fork itself having 3 pits from stone strikes.
    50km later, it leaks again.
    i was told this would happen and the best thing to do is to go looking for another fork in good condition.
    is there any other way to overcome this problem?
    can the pit be welded and lathed back to diameter etc or is it a throw away item now its damaged?
    who or what kind of business would be able to fix this problem?
    the bike in question is a 1984 GS250FW so parts are not readily available or stupidly expensive if i do find a part.
    the other option is to find out what other bike has the same fork as mine - how would i find out?
    any help would be great - i would like to ride this bike for a little more than 50km.

  2. Get the fork tube re-chromed. Easy fix. Not expensive
  3. clean degrease the fork.
    Find the stone chips
    get some "liquid metal"
    fill in the chips wet sand unsing 400/800/1200 papers

    poor mans fix.
    rechrooming would be ace
  4. And when you get it fixed, buy a set of stainless steel fork protectors from AMC
  5. +1
    Also a permanent fix :wink:
  6. what sort of places would re-chrome a fork?
    any idea on cost?
  7. Thanks, not as expensive as i thought it would be.
    so rechroming will fill in the pits or does something else need to be done to fill in the pits first?
  8. Nope, leave it to the experts

    but as long as you've got one fork leg off and away, and you can't ride the bike, if you can, get BOTH of them done!!
  9. Didn't believe me, didya?
  10. thanks for the replies.
    it seems i may have found a replacement fork instead.
    for the grand total of $30 plus postage, its an option i will pursue first since it is supposed to be in excellent undamaged condition.
    if not, ill take the rechroming route or buy a new bike - one of the 2.