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Stomp Grip Vs Tech Spec

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cazzo, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Anyone using either of these and have an opinion? I'd like to hear from you as I'm considering purchasing one or the other.

    So far I'm going for Stomp Grip as it comes in clear, but I've read it can mess up your pants and doesn't always stick too well.
  2. stomp grip seems to actually work. tech spec isnt much better than using nothing.
  3. I had Stomp grip on the Duc and it was as grippy as hell but scuffed up my leathers around the knee pretty bad.
    I now have Techspec on my 675 and it works and looks great. There are 3 different type of Techspec grips and I have found that the "snake-like" pattern works the best.

  4. I've read alot about both. I like the look of the clear Stomp Grip and apparently is very grippy but I keep hearing about them scuffing leathers which I don't think is that bigger deal.

    I like that the Tech Spec is gentle, but I don't think I can put two big slabs of black rubber on my tank. would be great if they were clear.
  5. Despite Stomp Grip being clear - I reckon it looks pretty average.

    I put some on my white tank and it lasted 30 seconds before I pulled it off in disgust.

    I've ordered some snakeskin Tech Spec - I think it'll look better than the Stomp (even on a white tank).
  6. Go the tech spec
  7. +1 Techspec snakeskin.

    The Techspec importer is a good fella too, give him your business :)
  8. I could if I go that way, but I'd rather not pay a a largeish premium for no particular reason.
  9. i've got snakeskin techspec
    can't compare to stomp, but i have no complaints, plus my tank's black so black techspec is fine by me
  10. Have used both would take Stomp out of the two though, just sticks and grips better. That being said the Aussie importer is a great bloke, extremely helpful.
  11. See what you've all gone and done...I'm confused!

    Who are these importers people speak of?
  12. Ex Netrider and good bloke... had a falling out with the ex admin and left on principle.

    I have stomp grip, but it's lost it's effectiveness after several years of good performance. I'm tossing up whether to give Mark some moola for techspec replacement.

    If you follow the application instructions properly, it'll stick.
  13. I've never seen the need to use it....what's all the fuss about? Seen it on many race bikes but I've never felt the need for it - am I riding wrong? LOL
  14. Um, no fuss being made, just looking for opinions as I want to try one of them out. I'm certainly a pretty average rider, but for about a small investment I'm willing to give it a go.
  15. used both
    currently have techspec, black on black bike, not quite has much grip.
    It is easy to take off and replace if need be.
  16. I'm looking for a set of techspec's for my bike. Where is the best place to buy or how do I contact the importer?

    Thank you.
  17. I have found that fleabay is the most cost effective for either.
  18. google tech spec.
  19. I haven't used techspec but my understanding is for street/track techspec is the best compromise, and for outright grip stomp is better. I've only used stomp grip, and get it from the states a few at a time as they dont tend to last longer than 6months, the paint on the tanks that is 8-[
  20. The main reason I stuck tech spec on my roadie was to help offset my habit of sliding forward in the seat by giving me something to grip. It does also give a bit of confidence when hanging off though.