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Stomp Grip, Oxford heated grips and Triboseat.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Recently added a few things to the bike, and thought I'd share how they've been performing.

    These are adhesive rubber/plastic traction pads that you fit to the sides of your tank. For bikes that don't have good tank cut outs to jam into, these pads give you a solid friction point to lock your knee against, which means you can hang onto the bike without hanging onto the bars.


    They absolutely live up to their PR that's for sure. Locking on has become a breeze. They work equally well with the draggins as they do with the leathers. Picked up my set from my local shop, Race Replica.

    I already had a set of heated grips, but the blasted things kept playing up on me. My biggest issue though was that the grips themselves weren't very grippy, if you know what I mean, and I really had to hold on. Anyhoo, I got so fed up with them that I lashed out on a set of Oxfords... well, I prolly shoulda done that in the first place.

    How are they??? Oxford make great luggage and great grips! The grips are grippy [farkin wooot!] and the heat they put out is something else. It only needed a bit of elbow grease to fit the grips and connection to the electricals was straight forward. The control box looks pretty sturdy and it mounted easily to the bars. The whole package comes with a 2yr warranty, which is great. I spontaneously picked my set up from PS one frustrated arvo... not even a bloody NR discount!... but that's how annoyed I was with the old set... I paid retail...

    The answer to pillions and riders clashing helmets. Fit this rubberised matting to the pillion seat and the pillion is guaranteed not to slide forward under brakes... or backwards under a fist full for that matter. :) Fitment was straight forward, but I can't seem to make mine look as neat as it does on the packaging! Still, mine has been thoroughly tested and has got the big thumbs up from the chief tester! [Apparently adds a level of comfort too]

    I bought it from TRIBOSEAT on EBAY UK, but they also sell from their website too. http://www.triboseat.com/ ...however, I'm pretty sure local accessories shops would have them too.

    Well that's all for now. :)

    This has been an FYI community announcement. :)

    Stay safe!
  2. Hi rob*

    Just would like to know, the oxford grips you bought, are they the full grips or the heating element that fits under standard grips?

    Thanks for the heads-up on the triboseat too. just bought one on eBay today and am glad you gave good feedback on it. So, it's not the usual garbage I buy online then!?!


  3. Jens, full grips. You have to replace the grips on your bike. Needs a little bit of elbow grease.... worth the effort.

    I think they were called "hot grips" or some such. They're about half the price shipped in from EBAY UK... but I didn't wait.

    Good luck!
  4. Has anyone ever tried the heating element types? I saw them advertised god knows where, but I think Oxford also supply them. May be an alternative?!?