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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zmokin, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. My GSXR 750 k6 Yellow and Black

    From St Kilda East on Wed morning at approximatly 7:45am

    Reward Offered.

    F()*&Barstards must have carried it is had a disc lock on the front.

    Man am I Pissed!!!!!

  2. I hate bike theaves

    May they all burn
  3. Sorry to hear that - hope it gets found...! :(

    When I bought a disc lock I was advised to put it on the rear wheel. It doesn't make it completely foolproof but at least the only way they can then steal it is to lift it up and put it on a ute or something.
  4. How would that make a difference bigchief?
  5. Make your bike explode when someone moves it without putting the key in it.

    con "Your bike would still be gone "

    pro "but so would the bastard taking it"
  6. The Theory is that the rear end is hevier and harder to lift than the front, and you can't stear it that way...
    esentually it means it takes 3 people to move instead of 2.
  7. I always thought it was the other way around. In fact, GS500 is the other way around, I know because I "turned" it that way, lifting its butt and turning it around. Blackbird I won't even try, from whatever end.

    Sorry to hear about your loss dude.
  8. Or 2 people and a skateboard :(
  9. Ouch man that's nasty. All the best getting it back, hopefully the fuzz have some luck.
  10. Sorry to hear about the bike.

    My mate had his bike stolen last friday, cops called him on wednesday after they pulled over some idiot for speeding on it. Very lucky.

    Other advantage to having the disc lock on the back would be in the event of forgetting to remove it, your less likely to drop the bike.
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    I sympathise with you, sir, and add my hatred to your own.

    I hope seeing a thief realising you need Draggins even when you're STEALING a bike cheers you up:

    --[I don't know for sure, but the happy part of my brain chooses to believe that that security guard guy, caught up and shot them all in the face]--
  12. There is another way around disc locks, simply unbolt teh disc, and let it rotate around the wheel as it moves........
    Disc locks are about as useful as toilet paper in a tornado.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Yep, that is what was explained to me. Basically by putting the disc lock on the rear wheel, the thief (-ves) will need to lift the rear up and try and steer as well.

    By the way, for my VTR, I use the 'Oxford Junior Disc Lock'. That together with the VTR's steering lock is what I use all the time.

  14. Kill them. Kill them all :evil:

    Damn i hate thieves

    sorry to hear bout it
  15. that sucks!! was it insured?
  16. Oh man, i feel sick, why cant people get their own shit, why is it that these c%^nts get a job, We all work hard for what we get, then these people can take it away just like that. Ive been burnt before dude, i know what it feels like, sorry man.
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    Steering locks are just as easy to bypass as a disc lock...

    Sorry to hear about your bike, I hope you find it and the A**holes that stole it. I've only had my bike for less than a month but I'de be sure as hell to put a machete to the hands of anyone who steals it.
  18. Its insured, But I loved the colours....

    It was 14 months old so insurance will payout the value not give me a new bike.. (its 1 year and 41 days old)!

    Im jsut pissed that i have no two wheel transport! pack of Cu^ts I hope they get pinned down in jail and raped for hours!

  19. That sounds like it should be standard sentencing for thieves!
  20. Check you so called friends first, they are usually the ones who stab you in the back.

    next someone who knows you, and the times you go to work

    if that fails its probably someone who drove by in a ute and took it, probably stripped by now

    look for anyone selling off parts like that, ask around pretend your a customer and find them
    then burn them