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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kols_kebabs, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. I hadn't looked at my bike for a few days, just went out and checked, she's gone!


    She was so beautifull :cry:

    I thought it'd never happen to me. How often do bikes come back to their owners?
  2. Oh no!!! :shock:

    That's horrible! Where was it parked?
  3. Padlock on front disc, parked at newcastle uni.
  4. Did the buyer know where it was?
  5. The buyer did not steal it, if that's what you're implying.

    But the prominent advertising on the internet could be partly to blame... Who knows.
  6. I saw it while browsing Ebay a couple of days ago - didn't even note the name of the seller :)

    My first thought was "Aha! I saw that bike on Ebay! We can catch this thief!" ...but alas, it's your ad.
  7. lol... He would if he went on a hiking trip
  8. Does a bear shit in the woods?
    Is the pope a catholic?

    Classis lulz!
  9. i had no idea that there was accomadation at the uni... i heard someone say that there was some but only for international students
  10. Thats a dog act.. I hope that you get it back, more so catch the scum that took it..
  11. Daaam :evil:

    How long did you have your bike for before it got pinched?
  12. all theives should get there hands chopped off :evil: :evil:
    i thinks its a great way of detering anyone from stealing

    me thinks you do the crime.... we take your F@#KING HANDS
  13. He only had it for 2.5mths MG. :p

  14. yeah for that i would take his hands and his testicles
    low.... very low :mad: :mad:
  15. Mate i support your idea 100%. Our laws are to soft in this country, and its about time they were all looked at to make people really think twice about doing wrong.. :evil:
  16. That's lulz how?

    Not having a go, I'd just say it's more black comedy, than laugh out loud funny.

    Trail bikes get stolen easily and often. Trail bikes with numerous and expensive modifications are a pretty risky thing to own. There probally isn't a more theft worthy vehicle?
  17. Shit news mate. Damn, this is why I support that guy who ran over the thief (on his motorcycle) with his car.

    Did you have insurance?>
  18. When you're young, for the money, you wouldn't bother.