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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ylwgtr, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. My brother built the chassis on this bike....its been stolen...any leads to help trevor get his bike back would be appreciated as he has spent big money on it

    (ANDRA Head Office)
    Earlier today, thieves struck Adelaide based Pro Stock Motorcycle team owner Trevor Birrell, stealing his Toyota Hi-Ace van from a Henley Beach driveway. Inside the van was the team’s Dale Gilbert chassied Suzuki, complete except for upper body panels.

    The bike retained its white front mudguard over the BST carbon-fibre front wheel and ICE forks. The rear wheel is a black Kosman spun rim with a brand new Mickey Thompson slick fitted. The V300 Racepak logger and MSD4 ignition were also in place.

    The Toyota van is white with alloy wheels except for the front right, which is the steel spare. The registration number is VTD 107.

    Anyone sighting the van or the race bike is asked to contact the South Australian police or ANDRA immediately

  2. what arsewipes, whats the point??? You wont be able to race that puppy anywhere...
  3. Hope the find it and run over the mongrels who took it with it before they turn them over.....
  4. no one who isnt in the know wouldnt be able to even start it.....the parts that are on this bike are very unique and useless in other types of racing....who ever has it WILL come undone eventually
  5. When you find them, and you will. Post pics for us. :evil:
  6. What a complete waste of time to steal this bike... they cant race it, strip it and sell it for parts...

    bunch of low life dogs that deserve a beating
  7. they probably wanted to steal the van alone not even caring what was in the back of it, either way, that sux :mad:
  8. thats just retarted, why would they steal a bike like that