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Stolen ZZR 1100 Black (WL688)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hegemony, May 29, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    The above bike was stolen last night from preston area. Could you pls keep an eye out for it. ZZR 1100 has a ventura rack and is an early 90's model, black with no accessories, rego WL 688. Bridgestone tyres.

    Pls report it to police and pm me.

    Thanks guys,
  2. sh*t, i live near there, bad luck mate, i'll keep an eye out for ya.
    where was it stolen... shed? backyard? shops? Overnight? Day?
    Hope they catch the b*stard.
  3. Hi,

    Stolen from backyard

  4. I also ride around the area,, All north east melb area so ill keep an eye out for ya..
  5. Bike Found....

    Bike now found,

    Every fairing is completely wrecked, joy riders.

    thanks for your help,
  6. Bastards. Sorry to hear hegemony. Hope it was insured... :(
  7. Hope the bastards are wrecked also!
  8. Re: Bike Found....

    Wrecked as in dropped at speed ? Hope so. I mean trashed is trashed but if they threw it down the road you at least know they have bruises.
    Hope it was insured. Hope its rideable. :)
  9. Glad you got it back..

    Get a big "fcuk OFF" chain and chain it to something to stop the joy riders...
  10. It seems not much will stop them if they really want to get it...It had a padlock through the front disc and a chain to a padbolt in the concrete when they took it. They just cut it with cutters.

  11. New for old replacement?

    What's the extent of the damage, situation etc?

    Know who did it?

    Getting anything on insurance?
  12. hmm got the room for a rottweiler?? :twisted:
  13. All covered under insurance and enough left for a service to boot. Every painted fairing surface needed work! The bike is straight and no damage to mechanical components though...the upside of a faired bike is when it falls the engine covers don't get scratched....they don't tell you that on a naked bike when it goes down the road you need to replace the engine cover which is sometimes quite pricey.

    No catchee the criminals though....

    Bike should be back on the road in a couple of weeks.
  14. ...or you could buy a set of engine protection bars for a couple of hundred dollars, protect your engine cases and not have to pay a couple of thousand for fairings :roll:.....
  15. fight, fight, fight!

    well maybe not :(

    shall we discuss the pro's & cons of hydroponic v naturally grown tomato's too? :p :p :LOL:

    i just woke up
  16. That may be so Joel, but evidently your still drunk :p.