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QLD Stolen Yzf-r6 Silver - 2003 Model. Help Identify This Culprit.

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Andy02, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Hi There,

    My Bike was stolen by the guy pictured on Saturday Nov 3rd.
    when the culprit came around to buy it but instead took off on it.
    Said he was coming from Nundah and had a mate he was going to ride it around to in Loganholme after he bought it. Pictures are in the facebook group below.
    If anyone can identify this man or has any information on the whereabouts of my bike please contact QLD Police or myself so I might hopefully get it back.
    The culprit goes by the names Jamie, Jamie-lee or Jason and police said he has a few alias names too. Born 12/01/1990 so around 20-23 years old.

    ABOUT THE BIKE (also pictures in the group):
    SILVER/GREY Yamaha YZF-R6 2003 model - Fuel Injected (plated 10/02)
    Yoshimura Titanium Race aftermarket slipon pipe
    GYTR oggy/crash knobs
    WP Steering Damper on top of tank
    Blue rear pick up knobs for work stand

    I have a facebook group set up if you would like to join and add people to spread the word.


  2. That sucks dude, but why would you let someone ride your bike on the strength of a "Proof of Age" card?
    Good luck with the recovery...
  3. says u found it? Good stuff, and glad to hear its in good nic
  4. Good News, police found my bike today (monday) he palmed it off to within 24hrs to some unsuspecting guys, when they realized something wasnt right and contacted the police. Apparently they have some good leads and know who he is so its just a matter of time. Im going to keep a shame photo of him on gumtree to keep the warning out there. Thanks heaps for the support I am very lucky and blessed to have it unscathed. Cheers
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  5. Glad you got the bike back.

    Cash up front ... only way to go.

    oh and that license looks fake anyway ... it's all crumpled... that in iteself should be a warning. Qld licenses look easy to fake but real ones last quite well in good condition even when years old.
  6. It's not even a license - it's a "Proof of Age" card, hence my earlier question...
  7. it is? .. hard to see from the pic. But if so then you are right ...
  8. those ancient romans knew a thing or two about punishment...

    (great news you got her back, funny, i have the exact same bike!)
  9. Hey mate, I had my bike stolen yesterday the same way. I can't see your pictures for some reason but he was about late 20's 190cm tall shaved head. Wondering if its the same guy
  10. That "proof of age card" looked like it was cut out of a cereal box and had a photo clag-pasted onto it.

    Seriously wut?