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VIC Stolen Yellow Yamaha Beewee 100 (Port Melbourne)

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by MissionMan, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Yellow Beewee 100 stolen. 2006 model. Stolen from outside out apartment on Friday night. Yellow with a surfboard rack on the side of the bike.

    FR815 is the registration.
  2. Just found this thread.....any details?
  3. What do you mean? No recovery of the bike as yet.
  4. I live in the area......just being cautious I guess
  5. Got a lock yet? got thos oggy nobs??
  6. You bet (y)

    Always use the steering lock and have a Disc lock on too.
    I ordered some R&G frame sliders from AMC - picked them up last night - They'll get put on tomorrow - I put the Radiator guard on Tuesday night......

    Cya Saturday?
  7. Its not all bad. It gave me an excuse to get a Ducati Monster. The wife has been anti me getting another bike which is why I was stuck back in scooter land for a while, but she finally gave in after the bike was stolen. Every yellow scooter cloud has a Ducati red lining.

    The bike was parked on beach road near the London, its a pretty well lighten road which is why I was surprised it was taken.
  8. ^ Yeah I know the spot.....maybe a interstate truckie stopped and stuck it on the back....

    Glad to hear you got a new toy to replace the old
  9. good to hear all recautions are taken =D> and sat a yes so far might be a short visit as oldest som got tickets to the maggies game so early exit !!!