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Stolen yamaha r1

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by sayonade, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Stolen from 15 Caravel Lane Carpark in Docklands. Last seen 5.00pm in my carspace behind my girlfriends car. Rego: 1d7kx. Raven black 2005 model with tail tidy and corbin seat. Otherwise complete stock..... F**Kheads had the nerve to steal it from an undercover monitored carpark.

  2. did you ask to see the footage? to get pictures/did they have a van/trailer?

    are you insured? sorry for your loss mate, hope you can find it.. have you got pictures.
  3. Yeah, contacted the security. They said they will give the footage to the police. Police said theyll call security.... Only the entrance is monitored. So Im guessing these mofos wheeled it out from BEHIND my girlfriends car, put it in a van and drove out. Even if its caught on camera, dont think police are gonna chase up every van thats gone in and out of the carpark..... Ohwell....
  4. Sorry for your loss, but, insured?
  5. wow.. sorry to hear about this mate.. hope they catch the ****s
  6. Could we please have the VIN number?.

    I'd be willing to bet, if it's out there it won't be sporting original rego plates.

    I'll keep an eye out for it.
  7. That sucks, hope you have it covered by insurance.
  8. Youll find these carparks even if they have CCTV are some of the most hit places with theives. The camera most likely wont be able to read the plates of cars as the detail is on the pretty shit side. My bike was stolen in a "secured" carpark and I got the whole thing on CCTV, didnt help one bit. Personally I will never live in a place from now on unless if has a seperate lock up garage. Sorry about your loss and I hoper you have full comp insurance. I think the camera is more of a deterrant but in reality they give people false security as the detail of the footage is shit.
  9. UPDATE: Got a call from the boys in blue last Thursday saying they found the bike with same VIN - now with blue fairings, no plates. Said theyd be running checks on it. Got another call today confirming its been cleared and its ready for pickup.

    Heading out tomorrow to pick it up, dont realy know what to expect, what kind of color it is now and whether my key still works.
  10. That's fantastic news mate.
  11. awesome news thats its still in one piece ...
  12. Is it really fantastic news thinking about how someone else has potentially carelessly thrashed your bike, and you may have to fork out more money to repair it/replace ignition barrel/re-regoing etc?
    I've never had a non-POS bike, or had it stolen so I don't know the procedure but at a guess I thought it would be better to have a written off/non-found bike to get an insurance payout and a new bike?
  13. well at least it's still alive

    and the Police DID do something, so ten points to them...
  14. Well he never said he had insurance in this thread.. so i'm happy he got it back in one piece.. he may have to fork out some cash to fix it.. if its broken.. but at least he has the bike.
  15. UPDATE: Saw the bike. theyve changed all the fairings to the oem blue 2005 r1. scratches and dents everywhere... only good thing is now its got an akra exchaust (was stock before)

    my keys dont work.

    gettin it towed to a workshop to see how much its gonna cost to get back on the road.
  16. did the bloys in blue find the theives?
  17. update us on the damages and costs if you dont mind.

    Sucks to have it happen.
  18. Glad to hear it was actually found!! Hope you're back on the road soon.. And anchor the farkerr down to the concrete under your flats!!
  19. details mate! details!

    how was it found?
    where was it found?
    how long was it gone for?
    did they catch the theives?
    are you able to get money out of said theives?
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