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VIC Stolen Ute

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by utdssv, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. First off this isn't a bike so sorry if this is in the wrong section (if there is even a section for cars I couldn't find) but I thought I'd ask for some help.

    Basically, some dirty maggot has stolen my Ute:

    White VE SSV Ute 6lt
    It was stolen this morning from my driveway in The Basin. Apparently many similar cars have been stolen in the area over the last 2 weeks or so according to the Police. Thieves are very professional and are raiding Utes Melb wide so if you own one, sleep in it!

    Rego: YCR-848
    Colour: White
    Model: Holden Commodore Ute VE SSV 6lt

    Identifying features:
    Black plasti-dipped badges
    Black plasti-dipped 19" SSV wheels
    Stubby antenna
    Twin 3" Diffilipo headers and exhaust (you will hear it)
    Rust spots on tray sills / rub marks from rack mounted on tray
    3:73 W427 Differential
    Ramjet OTR
    "Was" fully loaded with carpet
    Silver Mototechnic sticker up passenger side of windshield

    Any info call / message 0439 004 071. Thank you